What do you recommend?

I have been dining on a steady diet of thriller/suspense novels. Michael Prescott novels will keep you turning the pages. His Bad to the Bone is centered upon Bonnie Parker, a private investigator who occasionally takes a job as an assassin when she believes there is some moral justification to snuff out a target. Try to categorize her — good/bad, likeable/cold-hearted? You’ll have a difficult time, because she appears to be all of these things. Try Fear by James Scott Bell is the final book in a trilogy of legal thrillers centered upon Ty Buchanan, a quick-witted trial attorney. In the midst of the thrills, suspense, and mystery, Bell weaves a captivating love story. Finally, some books lure me back for a second reading. Dean Koontz’ Strangers did just that.

Vincent Sachar, author of the thriller Nowhere On Earth

Sachar speaks at 1 p.m. July 9 at the Miramar Branch Library’s Summer Reading Series; 2050 Civic Center Place, Miramar