Whiskey Tour: Now it’s about books and wine


This isn’t something that usually happens at book events, but Monday night three novelists will turn whiskey into wine. Kind of.

Lin Enger, Brock Clarke and Bill Roorbach bring their Whiskey Tour — you know, where you taste whiskey and talk about books — to Books & Books in Coral Gables. Only the store doesn’t serve whiskey, so the audience will have to sip wine instead.

The change of plans is a hardship, but one the authors hopes the audience won’t mind.

“They both go well with books,” Enger points out.

“I think we’ll survive,” says Clarke, adding: “There will be less vomiting.”

The authors share the same publisher, Algonquin, but their works are vastly different. Enger’s book, The High Divide, is a historical drama about family and western expansion, set in 1886, when a husband disappears from his home on the Minnesota plains, prompting his young sons to set off in search of him. Clarke’s novel, The Happiest People in the World, is a satire about a Danish cartoonist hiding out in upstate New York after his drawing of the prophet Muhammed lands him in hot water. The Remedy for Love, by Bill Roorbach, examines what happens when two unlikely people find themselves trapped in a fierce snowstorm in western Maine.

The Whiskey Tour began in May at BookExpo America in New York.

“There was free whiskey for any booksellers who wanted to show up,” Enger says of their appearance. “And it was a huge success — probably because of the free drinks. We had a trivia contest, but after about 15 minutes people stopped paying attention to the trivia.”

“We get along, the three of us,” Clarke says. “We have a good time. Our books are different, so you don’t get a bunch of three like-minded chuckleheads. You get an odd third person spy novel satire set in Denmark and New York, a western period novel . ... and Bill’s is an intense story about two people. We each do different things, and the audience gets a handle on that. Booze is the only constant.”

Meet the authors

Who: Lin Enger, Brock Clarke and Bill Roorbach

When: 8 p.m. Monday

Where: Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables

Info: or 305-442-4408