What do you recommend?

“I love Annie Proulx’s novel ‘The Shipping News,’ because the endearing, vulnerable and flawed characters seem reach-out-and-touch real; the astonishing and precise descriptive language makes you climb into what feels like a dream-like prose poem; it causes you to wonder about its profound family traumas, romantic love problems, universal fears, and common and shocking human behavior. A man tries to escape, with his small daughter, from overwhelming sadness to the snowy land of his roots in Newfoundland and confronts who he is. I just reread it after 20 years; it’s more riveting and enlightening than the first time because like the characters in it, I’ve grown and see it as a different person.”

Danielle Flood, author of “The Unquiet Daughter”; Flood appears at 3:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at the Miami Book Fair