Walter Mercado: Ring in 2016 with magic

Video: Walter Mercado on how to ring in the New Year with magic (in Spanish)

Astrologer Walter Mercado shares horoscopes based on the Chinese zodiac and tips for a prosperous New Year.
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Astrologer Walter Mercado shares horoscopes based on the Chinese zodiac and tips for a prosperous New Year.



The year 2016 is a year of fire, so your creativity will be unlimited. You are urged to perform an Aarti, a Hindu fire ceremony. On Dec. 31, fill a cooking pot with some mango and a small square of camphor. Light it carefully and then carry the flame from the back to the front of your home, including the most important places of the house. After purifying the house, light some incense and sprinkle a mixture of coconut and tap water in key places like bedrooms, the altar if you have one, the living room and most importantly the front door. Take a spiritual bath the same day at 6 p.m. with water, red wine, basil and the herb known as Ruta Graveolens. That night, you should wear something red, as is traditional for those born under the Aries sign. Do not forget to light a red candle and put red flowers in the home. All the magic and ceremonies that you carry out with total faith will generate miracles in your life in 2016. Your zodiac stones for good luck are zirconium and diamonds.



For people born under the sign of Taurus who are alone and looking for company in 2016, I suggest the following magic: Get one of those dolls that you put on top of wedding cakes. Sprinkle it with rose oil, tie on a red ribbon and put it somewhere sacred for you. Light a red candle, for love, and ask the Virgin of Charity that if it’s good for you, the person who will make you happy should come into your life. Your spiritual bath for good luck in 2016 will include water, mint, cider, beer, vanilla, lavender and a few drops of your favorite perfume. As always, wear or carry something green, and with your own hands make an arrangement for your table with green eucalyptus leaves and a green candle for your and your family’s prosperity. Your zodiac stones for good luck are emeralds, jade or green tourmaline,



You have to welcome the new year with a party, music, laughter and fun, because your emotions on the last hours of 2015 will mark your future in 2016. Start the 31st of December with a general cleaning of drawers, closets, wardrobes and shelves and give away, throw away or sell everything that you don’t need or that brings sad memories. Throughout 2016 Saturn will be in your love and marriage house, stabilizing your sentimental world. On the last day of the year, you should light an orange or golden candle somewhere safe in your house. Your spiritual bath for saying goodby to 2015 and welcoming 2016: Patchouli root, cinnamon and gardenia perfume. Wear orange or gold-colored clothes. For Geminis, 2016 is an important year. At the stroke of midnight, you should drink a glass of champagne and break the glass as a sign that you are breaking with all of the negative things of 2015 and starting a new year. Your zodiac stone for good luck is citrine. Carry it with you.



Your color for luck and achievements in 2016 is white. With that color, you will attract everything that you wish and gives you hope. On the night of Dec. 31, decorate your home with white flowers like carnations, roses, lilies and gardenias. For your good-luck bath at the end of one year and the beginning of the next, mix water, petals from white flowers, milk, cascarilla bark, valeria root, jasmine perfume and white wine. Buy a miniature house in the name of the Virgin of Loreto, put it in your home and light a white candle next to it. With this magic, you will receive the house of your dreams. If you already have it, ask for peace, health and love in the home. Meditate. Talk to God before the end of the year. To greet the new year, wear something white, pearl or gray. Your zodiac stones for good luck are pearls and moonstones.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)


During Dec. 31, practice music therapy. Music nurtures your spirit. Say goodbye to 2015 by partying and dancing, even if it’s just in your own home. In the last days of 2015, start some humanitarian work, send a gift or someone in need, make a telephone call to a dear one who has grown distant or to anyone you have almost forgotten. Fill yourself with positive energy by carrying a white quartz or a tiger eye stone, charged with solar energy, to greet the new year with more creativity, romance and happiness. Early on Dec. 31, prepare a spiritual bath with water, cologne made from the flowers of oranges, rum, Salvia and your favorite perfume. This mixture must be energized with the sun’s rays during the day, and at 6 p.m. it must be dripped from the neck down. Afterward, read Psalms 23. Dress in orange and black, with gold accessories. Your zodiac stones for good luck are amber, peridot and rubies.



To close out the year, Virgos must bury three things. First, bury a coin, representing prosperity, and pray quietly that what you are sowing will bear good fruit. Second, bury a paper where you have written all of the negative things that happened in the past two years. And third, get a seed from a plant like a snake plant or san siberia and plant it, as a symbol of the new life that you will start in 2016. For your end-of-year spiritual bath, mix water, oil of gardenia, parsley, marjoram, star anise and rose cologne. To receive 2016 in harmony with the new year, wear autumn or earthy tones such as chestnut, cream or beige. Your zodiac stones for good luck are pink quartz and agate.



Say goodbye to 2015 and greet 2016 with the colors that represent you — white, with a touch of rose or blue, while dancing to the rhythm of music and happiness. It is important that you light a white candle and add a glass of water for your dead and protective entities, so that their blessings are never missed in 2016. On the sole of your right shoe, write everything that you want to do and achieve in 2016. Your spiritual bath should include cloves, water, powdered cinnamon, champagne or cider and your preferred perfume. The color of the candle for Libra is pink or white. Your zodiac stones for good luck are opals and tourmaline.



When you wake up on Dec. 31, dress in black until 6 p.m. Then take off those clothes and rip them into pieces so that you can break with all the negative things that happened in 2015. Quickly throw the clothes out of your house. Then take a bath with red carnation, red wine, perfume with geraniums and valeriana. Put it into a pot and pour it from the neck down. Then take a regular bath with perfumed soap. For the New Year’s party, dress in happy, eye-catching and dramatic colors so that you will look different. Before leaving your home on the night of Dec. 31, light a red candle and say three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys. Remember that you are leaving a very difficult year and starting a new one of challenges and successes. Your good luck stones are topaz. Carry them with you.



Have your bags packed and ready by your front, because 2016 is going to be a year of many trips for you. Light a blue candle and ask God to bless you and your family. It is important to prepare a basket with apples, bananas, grapes and any other fruit you can find, and offer it to God as a symbol of abundance at home and in the family. Light a red candle for Santa Barbara and add a cup of wine and six red carnations. Your spiritual bath will have leaves from a guayaba tree, Siam weed, Salvia, basil and mint. Since all of them are magical and medicinal plants, if you can’t find some substitute them with other medicinal plants and mix them with your favorite perfume. To welcome the new year, dress in blue or red. Carry some turquoise, which is your good luck stone.



Greet the new year with peace and happiness. Declare that God will be with you at all times. Do not allow anyone or anything to bother you on Dec. 31. Do not get upset, do not lose your composure. Dress in black, with some details in red. Do not miss the 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. Make a wish each time you eat one. In the first five minutes after midnight, tell God what you want to achieve and what you want to change in your life, saying it as though you had already obtained it. Your spiritual bath should be with coconut, sea and mineral waters, cider and vetiver perfume. Wrap a red ribbon under your underwear to ward off anything negative that could affect you. Your zodiac good luck stone is garnet. Wear it in a ring.



Make a cake at home with cognac, crème de menthe and cacao, coffee and anise liqueurs. Offer the first piece to your angels and beings of light to sweeten the year that approaches. Your good luck bath for 2016 is a mixture of violet water, cinnamon, honey, five small spoons of brown sugar and drops of sandalwood oil. Say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one wearing the color violet, purple, lilac or sky blue, which are your magical colors for good luck in 2016. Your zodiac good luck stone is amethyst, which you should carry with you.



It is very important that you try to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one in an open-air setting or near the ocean. Ring in 2016 wearing white with a touch of blue. Your good luck bath should have sea, river, rain and holy water, some indigo balls, lilies and your favorite perfume. A blue candle with sea scent must be present at home on the night of Dec. 31. On that night, offer a blue candle and white and blue flowers to your spiritual mother, Our Lady of Regla (Yemayá), to protect you and yours in 2016. Clean your house that day with some creolina and ammonia, and at midnight throw the cleaning water onto the street and say a prayer for your dead relatives. Make a donation to feed the needy. By giving, you will receive in 2016. Your zodiac good luck stones are coral and aquamarine. Carry them with you.

WARNING: Be careful with the products or ingredients used in traditional magic. They can trigger allergies.

Note: For all the signs, remember that the strongest magic is faith in Christ, in God, in the Cosmic Mother. Before doing any magic, say a prayer for the peace of your own country and the world we live in.

Happy New Year, Walter Mercado