‘Surreal’: South Florida’s Lucas Miner places third in teen ‘Jeopardy!’ tournament

Lucas Miner
Lucas Miner

Giant props go out to Lucas Miner, who went home $25,000 richer after placing third Friday in the “Jeopardy!” teen tournament.

The young man battled it out with an Oregonian senior, Avi Gupta, who won first place ($100,000), and South Dakotan eighth-grader Ryan Presler, who netted a cool $50,000, coming in second.

Lucas, who lives in Coconut Grove and attends Ransom Everglades, recently told Local 10 his grandmother got him hooked on the long-running CBS game show.

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“Knowledge is the basis of what we build our opinions on, on what we build our society on,” the 17-year-old told the station. ‘Jeopardy!’ is like the epitome of knowledge, in my opinion.”

Even before his big win, Lucas found the whole game show experience, as well as the celebrity aspect that goes with it, hard to believe.

“I remember going to the ‘Jeopardy!’ filming and feeling how surreal it was shaking Alex Trebek’s hand,” he told the Miami Herald back in June. “When you look back, it’s like, ‘That really happened?’”