Were Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez ring shopping in Miami Friday? It looked like it

They are famous enough to know that tongues were going to wag.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were spotted walking out of famed jewelry store Cartier in Miami’s Design District on Friday and fans started to wonder: Were they ring shopping? Are they getting engaged? Married?

Spies say the entertainer and former ballplayer spent an hour and a half at the store and left holding hands and smiling “ear to ear.” But once they saw paparazzi, the pair dropped hands and the ex-Yankee began to focus on his phone while JLo looked down to the ground. Neither carried a shopping bag, but a man behind them who looked like a security guard did.

The two later walked over to the hot spot food hall St. Roch.

The power duo known as JRod have been dating since March 2017 when the then-acquaintances ran into each other at a Los Angeles restaurant. They have been serious almost since Day One, with both sets of kids blending seamlessly early on.

If they are engaged, will they get married in Miami, Rodriguez’s hometown? He has a place in Coral Gables. That’d be a good spot, too. Just saying.