Neighbors want Pitbull to clean up trash at abandoned Pinecrest house he apparently owns

Rapper Pitbull’s Pinecrest, FL property in disrepair

A Pinecrest, Florida, home owned by Pitbull’s music empire is in disrepair and has received numerous code violations from the village government as an abandoned or unkempt structure.
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A Pinecrest, Florida, home owned by Pitbull’s music empire is in disrepair and has received numerous code violations from the village government as an abandoned or unkempt structure.

A moldy, single-family eyesore with a knocked-over fence and trashy yard that embarrasses neighbors — it’s not really what you’d expect from a house associated with flashy rapper Armando “Pitbull” Pérez. The self-ascribed Mr. 305 has spent much of the last decade staring down at the rest of Miami from top 40 charts, racking in millions in record deals and frequenting South Florida’s hottest clubs. Mr. Worldwide is known for numerous investments including restaurants and at least one other residential property.

But at this Pinecrest property, you’ll find peacocks, not scantily-clad women, basking in the sun. And instead of messages from adoring fans, the front door is plastered with notices of code violations for abandoned or unkempt property — specifically trash, dilapidated structures and standing water. And no sign of Pitbull. (He’s on tour.)

County records show the property was purchased in February 2015 for $850,000 by a limited liability company (LLC) registered to the same address as Pitbull’s record label, Mr 305 Inc, and dozens of other companies associated with the popular rapper’s empire. At the time of the purchase, the LLC was managed by Michael Calderon, one of Pitbull’s personal managers. A developer whose sign was on the property said his wife brokered the sale of the house to Pitbull, a friend of the couple. Still, Pitbull’s lawyer, Leslie Zigel, said his client denied owning the property and that he would provide no further comment.

Lance Kyle grew up in the house across the street. He says Pitbull never actually lived at 7474 SW 102nd St. But as the apparent owner of the group of businesses associated with the property, the rapper should be held responsible for its upkeep, Kyle said.

By the looks of it, the property has been neglected for a while — maybe even since the last owner died and the estate sold the home to the LLC. Now, Kyle has started a petition to get Pitbull to clean it up.

“Pitbull, look man it’s not personal. Just be a good neighbor,” said Kyle, whose 74-year-old mother still lives across from the dilapidated property. He says the state of Pitbull’s property could affect their home value if the family ever decides to sell.

“I’m sure in the past year we’ve had code enforcement out here at least 10 times. That’s a conservative estimate,” Kyle said. He said the trash problems began after Hurricane Irma.

pitbull notices 1.jpg
Code violations on the door of 7474 SW 102 St. Sarah Blaskey

On Oct. 17, 2017, a code inspector issued a verbal warning about the weeds and trash littering the lawn — but to whom is unclear from the record. In May 2018, the property received a reminder for the same violations — weeds, trash, standing water. A hearing was set in June. When the owner didn’t show up, the special magistrate ordered that if nothing changed within 10 days the property would be fined $100 per day, according to village spokeswoman Michelle Hammontree. It has been 79 days since then. The property owners owe the city $6,975 to date — $6,900 in fines and a $75 administrative fee, Hammontree said.

Now the village plans to clean up some of the worst violations. If the absentee owner doesn’t correct the other problems, the city will take further steps, possibly including liens. “It’s a process,” Hammontree said.

Pinecrest’s crackdown on nuisance code violations hasn’t been directed only at Pitbull. The village issued 633 nuisance code violations in 2017, up from 439 the year before, according to Pinecrest’s records. Kyle said that in recent years many properties in the neighborhood have been sold to speculators who, in turn, tear buildings down to replace them with more modern structures. Those construction projects have caused problems like noise and excess dust and exhaust, according to Kyle.

On the fence of the once-beautiful home was a sign for GC3 Development, and the direct phone number of CEO Michael Garcia Carrillo. Garcia told the Miami Herald that his wife, Paola Garcia Carrillo, the listed agent in the 2015 transaction, brokered the deal with Pitbull himself. GC3 was not directly involved with the sale nor does it manage the property, according to Garcia. But Garcia said Pitbull was a friend and had allowed him to advertise his company there. “I have really nothing to do with the property anymore,” Garcia insisted.

When asked why Pitbull apparently neglected the property, Garcia responded, “I guess he is busy,” before offering to call his friend to ask. When pressed, Garcia would not say why Pitbull had originally purchased the property, then quickly hung up saying the Herald reporter was asking too many questions. Paola Garcia Carrillo did not respond to the Herald’s attempts to contact her.

The sign advertising GC3 Development was removed from the property the same day.

Pitbull, also known as Mr. Worldwide, visited the Hard Rock Casino Biloxi on Thursday, June 21, 2018, for the opening of iLov305, a bar and entertainment venue on the gaming floor of the casino.

This article previously misstated the name of Michael Garcia Carrillo’s company. It has also been updated with more information from the village.