Miami just ranked really low in this nationwide survey. And we don’t care.

Miami skyline
Miami skyline Miami Herald Staff

Who cares?

Not us.

A new WalletHub study reports that Miami is one of the least caring cities on the planet.

“Caring means having intimate and human connection with others,” reads the article accompanying the results on the finance-advice website. “And it can be expressed in multiple ways — from helping an elderly person cross the street to fighting a house fire. But certain parts of America put this into practice more than others.”

Apparently, if you want someone to be concerned whether you, say, fall into a ditch, move to Madison, Wisconsin, which ranked No. 1 in the study that compared the 100 largest cities across 36 key factors. Survey takers analyzed how individuals cared for the community, for the vulnerable, as well as for those in the workplace. They measured number of volunteer hours, share of income donated to charity and homelessness rates.

Miami clocked in at a very pathetic No. 94; Hialeah ranked higher, but not by very much — at 92.

Why this should disturb the average denizen of the Magic City: Because New York, which has long had a rep for being rude, came in at 21.

Other cities in Florida didn’t fare too well on the caring scale, either.

Apparently, the city that houses the happiest place on earth, Disney World, is full of people who don’t give a hoot.

Yes, we’re talking about Orlando, which lingers at No. 80.

As per this study, the most caring and compassionate people in the entire Sunshine State are in Tampa (No. 51), followed by Jacksonville at 67.

This would be sad. If we cared.

One thing we do care about is that we are not dead last: Those honors go to Laredo, Texas, at No. 100.