She rejected his marriage proposal. That’s when the trouble started, cops say

Gordon Covie
Gordon Covie Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

In a perfect world, you have a great relationship. You decide she’s the one. You go out and buy the ring, get down on bended knee, propose and she says yes (hey, it worked for Prince Harry).

But what if the intended’s feelings aren’t returned?

A Florida man got his heart broken by an ex-girlfriend, and instead of cutting his losses and moving on, he got angry.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that after Gordon Kovie’s Nov. 30 proposal was rejected, the 48-year-old forced the ring on her finger.

The woman told investigators she later ditched the ring in Kovie’s car.

That made him even more angry, say cops.

The next day the woman received threatening text messages from Kovie, such as, “You don’t deserve to be [expletive] love[d] and don’t ever threaten me with the police,” according to CBS News.

Things escalated from there. A few hours later, while at a friend’s mobile home, Kovie banged on the door, according to surveillance video. The footage also shows Kovie going back to his car where he reaches into the driver’s side, pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the trailer. Eleven spent shell casings were found scattered on the ground. While no one was harmed, one bullet actually hit a refrigerator inside the dwelling.

Kovie was arrested the following day and charged with premeditated attempted murder in the first degree, aggravated stalking, shooting into an occupied dwelling and felon in possession of a firearm.

A plea has not yet been entered; he is still in custody, say police.