This kitten was found near death with half a face. Now he has a new nose


There’s a cat that is warming hearts and getting clicks.

It’s #NoNoseNigel, a kitten from the Boston area that was found near death over the summer —and is now an Instagram star.

The MSPCA fixed his furry little face — reconstructive surgery went down last week — and hopefully, Nigel will be adopted soon. The operation involved sliding the lips forward to close up the kitten’s face and then rebuilding the nose.

Mike Pavletic, head of surgery at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center, told Boston.com he does not know why the animal had no nose.

One possibility is a sharp can. “It likely got its upper nose caught in something like a can of tuna,” Pavletic said. “Sometimes people will leave the lid partially attached, so the unfortunate animal sticks her head in there scavenging for food and then they get trapped and when it comes out it tends to slice off part of the face.”

“I was found near a dumpster in Boston and am living in foster care while the MSPCA fixes me up! What I lack in nose I make up for in spunk! Donate at www.mspca.org/spikesfund,” reads the feline’s Instagram account that had more than 3,000 followers as of Wednesday.

We have a feeling this cutie will find its way to a good home soon.


Looking better every day! #mspca #mspcaboston #adopt #nonosenigel

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“He seems to be otherwise a fairly healthy cat,” Paveletic said. “It’s got a personality to itself, and he is rather a little precocious and likes to play hard. But that’s being a kitten, so I think with correction of this, the cat will resume a fairly normal life.”

Email adoption@mspca.org for more info.