Final season of ‘Bloodline’ arrives on Netflix

Kyle Chandler plays John Rayburn in the Netflix series ‘Bloodline.’
Kyle Chandler plays John Rayburn in the Netflix series ‘Bloodline.’ Netflix

Fans who have been waiting for Season 3 of the Florida Keys-made Netflix series “Bloodline” have to wait no more. The third and likely last season, 10 episodes, drops Friday.

For those who don’t know, it’s about an Islamorada family with a dark past and secrets to hide. It stars Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Lights,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”), Ben Mendelsohn (“The Dark Knight Rises,” more on him in a bit), Sissy Spacek (“ ’night, Mother,” “Carrie”) as the family matriarch and Linda Cardellini (“Mad Men”).

Islamorada’s The Moorings Village and Resort stars as the hotel where the seemingly perfect family tries to sort out its many woes — and there are many.

Many other Upper Keys locations were used in the making of “Bloodline,” including Alabama Jack’s restaurant on Card Sound Road in North Key Largo, Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, the Caribbean Club in Key Largo, Robbie’s Marina in Islamorada, the Green Turtle Inn in Islamorada, the Oceanview Inn and Pub in Islamorada and Long Key State Park.

Numerous locals were hired on as extras.

In 2016, Chandler and Mendelsohn were nominated for Emmy Awards for “Bloodline,” Chandler for best actor in a drama series and Mendelsohn for best supporting actor in a drama series (Mendelsohn won). Both were also nominated in 2015.

Back to Mendelsohn: He plays Danny Rayburn, who has a dark history and is the brother of sheriff’s deputy John Rayburn (Chandler). Danny died in the first season but returned in the second in flashbacks and surreal conversations.

Spoiler alert: Danny returns in Season 3 for at least two episodes.

A report commissioned by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council says the first “Bloodline” season cost $30 million in direct production expenditures, of which about $6 million was spent in the Keys. Report authors cite a “conservative estimate” of $65 million in additional tourism spending by Netflix viewers drawn to the Keys by the series.

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