Are you an oldie but a goodie? Your radio station is back, and it’s Majic

Tom Caminiti, here as a Majic 102.7 DJ in 2002, is programming director for majicoldies.com
Tom Caminiti, here as a Majic 102.7 DJ in 2002, is programming director for majicoldies.com

When oldies FM station Majic 102.7 decided to change its format in 2015, letting go of its djs and leaving the days of doo-wop and The Beatles behind, fans mourned the loss of good times and great oldies.

Now, Majic is back in a new online incarnation, with a hands-on programmer, songs you know by heart, a familiar voice here and there and maybe — just maybe — real shows at some point in the future.

Tom Caminiti, “The Tall Italian” who hosted Majic’s All Request Show, is presiding over the resurrection on majicoldies.com, which features songs from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, Majic’s bread and butter. Caminiti and his former colleagues — including former music director Mindy Lang; her co-host Vance Phillips; Joe Johnson, host of the syndicated “Beatle Brunch” show and DJs Rick Shaw and Eric Brandon — have already contributed voice drops.

Why get the band back together? Because, Caminiti says, they’re family — and the audience was part of that family.

“When I did the show, kids would call up and say, ‘Can you play ‘Wooly Bully?’ And I’d say, ‘Why are you listening to this radio station?’ ” he says, laughing. “They’d say ‘My mom and dad listen to it. We can sing along. It makes us feel good.’ And these people on the air were part of a lot of people’s lives. We were truly family, truly a community. Music was the star, but it was personality-driven radio. We had a connection with our audience.”

Caminiti has worked for the past few weeks with South Florida radio veteran Alan Michaels to choose songs for the website, which has been around for a while but was playing far too much ’80s music for Caminiti’s taste.

“We started going over songs in Alan’s library, and he’d say ‘Billy Idol?’ I’d go, ‘No.’ ‘Love Shack?’ ‘No.’ ‘Bon Jovi?’ ‘No!’ As much as I love those bands they’re not Majic. I’m trying to stick to the heart of what Majic is all about.”

Now, you’re likely to hear more tunes like “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James and the Shondells, as well as songs by such groups as the Beach Boys, The Box Tops and Chicago.

Caminiti hopes to eventually add DJ shifts and specialty shows, maybe reviving Majic’s old Sunday night doo-wop show. He’s soliciting ideas and comments, and you can email him at talltomdj@gmail.com if you’d like to offer input.

“Six months from now, we’ll have this thing hitting on all cylinders,” he says. “We still love good times and great oldies. That’s what I want this radio station to represent.”