Speech | Silver Knight Winners

10/29/2008 7:10 PM

10/29/2008 7:11 PM

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1966 Joel Perwin, Coral Gables
1967 Robert McCorkle, Palmetto
1968 David Kinsler, Jackson
1969 Raymond Dunn, Columbus
1970 Marjorie Menzel, Coral Gables
1971 Alec Stephens, Miami Beach
1972 Rick Benjamin Horrow, Miami Beach
1973 Paula Rubin, Coral Park
1974 Victoria Thompson, Hialeah-Miami Lakes
1975 Karen Moran, Southwest
1976 James Allen, South Dade
1977 Irene Teplicki, North Miami Beach
1978 Patrice Tomonto, Immaculata-La Salle
1979 Joanne Zaiac, Miami Beach
1980 Jeffrey Keith English, Norland
1981 Stuart Kapp, North Miami Beach
1982 Wayne Firestone, North Miami Beach
1983 Tamiko Gibson, Hialeah-Miami Lakes
1984 Angel Leal Jr., Southwest
1985 Todd Greene, Central
1986 Ernesto Freyre, Columbus
1987 Ivan Dominguez, Killian
1988 Jacqueline Becerra, St. Brendan
1989 Stacey Wruble, Palmetto
1990 Shanell Campfield, Jackson
1991 Etienne Hernandez, Coral Gables
1992 Peter Weissman, Miami Beach
1993 Jeff Tompkins, North Miami Beach
1994 Anna Masri, Palmetto
1995 Leon Fresco, Miami Beach
1996 Rebecca Toonkel, North Miami Beach
1997 Ann Charleus, Carol City
1998 Alex C. Annunziato, Coral Park
1999 Adam Chepenik, Palmetto
2000 Nicolas Borja, Coral Reef
2001 Zachary Rinkins, Miami Central
2002 Medardo M., Martin Hialeah
2003 Melissa Zamora, Miami Coral Park
2004 Misael Cedillos, Miami Southridge Senior
2005 Chelsea Karten, Palmetto
2006 Clarissa Parks, Coral Reef
2007 Carrington Alexander Bester, Carol City



1984 Stephen Acquaviva, Coconut Creek
1985 Michelle Jones, Coral Springs
1986 Susanne Cornfeld, Nova
1987 Yolanda Clark, Nova
1988 Sue Chen, Western
1989 Kim Bonner, Coral Springs
1990 Patrick George, Blanche Ely
1991 Rachel Glickson, Coral Springs
1992 Vallye Alexander, Cardinal Gibbons
1993 Jeff Finkelstein, J.P. Taravella
1994 Tracy Ehrlich, Nova
1995 Mike Litwin, Nova
1996 Amy Balsam, University School/Nova SE
1997 Jason Gibson, Plantation
1998 Bruce Bharat, Blanche Ely
1999 Kim Blanche Elyse Farber, Pine Crest
2000 Taryn Jaye Fixel, University School
2001 Jeffrey Kominsky Nova High
2002 Torey Alston, Blanch Ely
2003 Archna Eniasivam, Deerfield Beach
2004 Matthew Friendly, Coral Springs
2005 Alison Nadle, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
2006 Fernando Cutz, J.P. Taravella
2007 Reyad Allie, Coral Springs

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