Letters to the Editor

A level playing field for cruise passengers

In August, a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit stood up for injured cruise passengers in the Sorrels opinion, finding that the right to trial by jury remains intact in maritime cases.

Letters to the Editor

Low-income energy aid

Floridians benefit from electricity rates that are below the national average, but during these hot months everyone sees their bills rise because air conditioners are working longer and harder to keep us cool. Low-income families feel the effects of this seasonal change more than anyone.

Letters to the Editor

Random inspections

If Iran claims to be honest in its inspections, it should not object to having one or two inspectors from each country that signed the nuclear facility inspection treaty, inspect facilities at random at any time.

Letters to the Editor

Dereliction of duty

I am a devotee of Jim Morin’s political cartoons, but he shouldn’t cast all of Kentucky as anti-gay. His Sept. 2 cartoon implies the state is of one mind on gay marriage. Not so. Ask folks in Lexington, Louisville and (my favorite) Mousie. Not everyone should be cast as a bigot for the beliefs of a county clerk in Rowan County, the home of a University and surrounded by beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


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