Letters to the Editor

Staggered terms on Surfside ballot

Re the Oct. 23 letter Less accountable: There is a lot of misunderstanding concerning one of the seven charter amendments that will appear on Surfside's Nov. 4 ballot. This amendment, establishing extended and staggered terms, allows for Surfside residents to vote for three of their elected officials every two years starting in the 2018 election in the following way:

Letters to the Editor

Police and kids and sports

Fred Grimm’s Oct. 19 column, Inner city youth football is a game apart, was so on point about youth football, especially in the African-American community. This is the very reason the Miami Police Athletic League moves to the Xtreme Youth Football League and away from Pop Warner.

Letters to the Editor

Ban plastic bags

I applaud California Gov. Jerry Brown for signing SB 270, the ban on single use plastic bags. Brown promises that even though California is “the first [state] to ban these bags … we won’t be the last.”

Letters to the Editor

Kudos for JMH

Re the Oct. 11 article, Medicare fines more South Florida hospitals for readmitting patients: I wonder if Dr. Carlos Lavernia can explain how Jackson Memorial Hospital had a very low penalty for re-admitting patients.

Letters to the Editor

Spread of Ebola

As a pediatrician, now retired, I would often treat kids who were ill because parents didn’t bring them in earlier when intervention would have resulted in a better outcome. Explanations varied, frequently including lack of insurance, high deductibles or fear of taking time off from work.


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