Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Helping those who help us in times of need

The mission we ask our first responders to meet carries so much responsibility. Run toward a fire, or through a dark alley. Comfort when there is nothing else that can be done. Carry the smells and the sounds, then compartmentalize feelings before arriving at the next scene.

Letters to the Editor

Lawyers are helping homeless youths

On any given night, 7,000 young people in Florida are homeless. For many, the barriers standing between them and a stable, productive adulthood include legal issues such as a poor credit report, a tangled criminal record or having no basic identification.

Letters to the Editor

Path to resilience

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s suggestion to focus our sea-level rise and climate change mitigation efforts on building a more-resilient city are on point. More important than being resistant to the effects of these elements is having the ability to bounce back from the damage they can cause. To do this, we must take a look at all the factors that play into safeguarding our community from devastation, such as developing smart infrastructure, increasing mobility options, addressing the affordable housing crisis and closing the income inequality gap that is fueling high levels of poverty throughout Miami-Dade County. This is the true definition of being resilient, and the work that Miami, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County are doing through their Resilient 305 efforts puts us on that path. Dawn Sherrifs, public affairs director, Miami Foundation

Letters to the Editor

PortMiami dredge project a failure

Re Jane Wooldridge’s short April 7 article, “Was the PortMiami dredge a good investment?” states Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the port’s credit rating from “stable” to “positive.” This is attributed to “a massive dredge project” at the port.

Letters to the Editor

Growth vs. traffic relief in state road extension battle

In 2008, the late David Lyons and I, as officers in Citizens Against Nonconcurrency Taskforce, Inc/CANT, a Florida nonprofit corporation, proposed to staff members of MDX the extension of State Road 836 along the lines of what’s currently being considered. They took the suggestion to the MDX Board, which adopted it as a project — 10 years ago.

Letters to the Editor

Pianist Ivan Davis was pure perfection

Over the years, I heard pianist Ivan Davis play many times, beginning with his New York debut recital in 1959 after he won the Liszt Competition. Davis, a longtime University of Miami professor who died this month, was a spectacular pianist. In the early 1960s, when I was living at the Carillon Hotel on Miami Beach, before Ivan became artist-in-residence at the University of Miami, he would practice on my piano. My wife remembers that he was a wonderful cook. In 1979 Peter McGrath and I started Audiofon Records. As Ivan was preparing for his 20th-anniversary recital, he was one of the first pianists we were fortunate enough to record. He recorded Liszt’s “Reminiscences de Norma.” Ivan considered it one of Liszt’s greatest creations as well as one of the “most stupendously difficult, both technically and architecturally.” His interest was stimulated after an unforgettable interpretation of Bellini’s heroine by Maria Calls in Paris. Writing for the 300 papers in the Newhouse syndicate, the distinguished critic Byron Belt wrote: “Greatest single piano recording ever.” Ivan’s extensive knowledge of operatic and vocal music made him a frequent guest on the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. He recorded “Rhapsody in Blue” both with the Cleveland Orchestra and in a reconstruction of the Paul Whiteman Historic Aeolian Hall Concert of 1924. At one recording session, Ivan was playing a stunning solo version of the Gershwin piece — until he suddenly exclaimed “Dammit!” and stopped. He didn’t like what he was doing and would not complete it. Among the pianists of today, Ivan enjoyed Martha Argerich and Benjamin Grosvenor. However, for Ivan, Vladimir Horowitz was the most completely satisfying pianist, whose playing had a “wild, almost fury.” Ivan described Horowitz as having small hands that were not like the enormous hands of Richter or Cliburn, but, he said, “Horowitz’s hands were all muscle!” Julian Kreeger, Miami

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