Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Mega-mall headache

The recent Herald article “Transit at center of brewing fight over mega-mall” revealed yet again just how shameless and destructive our politicians are. The proposed mega-mall in Northwest Miami-Dade would be larger than Minnesota’s Mall of America, making it the biggest in the country.

Letters to the Editor

Dark swamp

Donald Trump pledged to “drain the swamp.” But his Cabinet appointments thus far are rich and powerful insiders. They will be intent on radically changing not only Obamacare, but Medicare and Social Security, as well.

Letters to the Editor

Trade optimism

With the election of Donald Trump, the future of trade has been the topic of many conversations, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Right now, the TPP is essentially dead, but after the dust settles, this will evolve into an agreement that reshapes the U.S.-Asia relationship.

Letters to the Editor

Cuban golf resort

Will Donald Trump’s Cuba policy hinge on being granted golf resort and luxury hotel permits for his brand, plus major perks for his family-run businesses? I wouldn’t bet against the quid pro quo.

Letters to the Editor

My vote counted?

I have a sticker that I received in some past election that reads, “My Vote Counted.” Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes and still loses to an unqualified opponent.

Letters to the Editor

Celebrating Basel

Miami Art Basel has successfully brought thousands of art phonetics to Wynwood in celebration of its annual showcase of installations and exhibits. This year, returning works are modern and contemporary throughout 269 galleries.

Letters to the Editor

Rubio wrong

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created after the economic collapse to protect consumers and reduce the risk of another financial crisis. Sen. Marco Rubio is siding with big Wall Street banks instead.

Letters to the Editor

Wild ride

Donald Trump’s entire campaign for the presidency was, by any measure, outrageous. Now, as he makes his cabinet choices, the climate is becoming even more bizarre — i.e., challenging the validity of the voting process that elected him.

Letters to the Editor

Looks like us

The distribution of Knight Arts Challenge awards demonstrates once again what I learned after moving to Miami 32 years ago: When talent and creativity are the only criteria for selection, the result will look like all of Miami.

Letters to the Editor

People’s voice

Two million. That is what Secretary Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote is up to as of today. It’s the largest popular vote lead for a presidential loser in more than 140 years.

Letters to the Editor

Free enterprise

Re your cover page story in Business Monday on Nov. 28, about Airbnb fighting with Miami Beach: Very interesting. The hotel industry and Miami Beach officials don’t seem to be in sync with our new president-elect and principles of the free enterprise system.

Letters to the Editor

Isn’t it ironic

I find it ironic that people in Cuba are lighting candles and attending mass in memory of a man who for many years described himself as an atheist and refused to acknowledge the existence of a greater being other than himself.

Letters to the Editor

One too many

How many times will we need to hear from public officials: “Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims.” I fear that this has become so commonplace that we will lose our resolve to end this scourge.

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Final rally for Fidel Castro

Throngs of Cubans gather the Plaza Antonio Maceo in Santiago de Cuba for a final tribute to deceased former leader Fidel Castro
Al Diaz The Miami Herald
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Final rally for Fidel Castro

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Police raid of Opa-lock grow house captured by TV program

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St. Thomas Aquinas defeats Venice 46-8

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