Letters to the Editor

Florida Senate’s FHIX is an affordable healthcare option

A recent United Way study reported that 45 percent of Florida’s working families struggle to make ends meet and to afford the basic necessities such as housing, food, transportation, childcare and healthcare. In Miami-Dade, the number is as high as 50 percent. For these hardworking families a single crisis, often a healthcare emergency, can result in financial chaos.

Letters to the Editor

Rubio’s real motive

It’s not difficult to foresee Sen. Marco Rubio’s and Gov. Rick Scott’s plans for the future. Rubio is running for the presidency, but winning is a long shot. He is aware of that.

Letters to the Editor

Comcast cares

It is amazing what can happen in a day. Rebuilding Together Miami Dade is excited to partner with Comcast on an upcoming project and invites South Florida residents to join us to make change happen in our community.

Letters to the Editor

Induct Schnellenberger

Why on God’s green Earth has Howard Schnellenberger, who won a national championship and rebuilt three programs, been kept out of the College Football Hall of Fame over the winning percentage criteria when another inducted coach, Tuss McLaughry, has a much lower percentage of .490?


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