Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Yes for our history

It’s important for Miami residents to vote “yes” this November on #238, the charter change question that would allow the City of Miami to engage a long-term lease with the Dade Heritage Trust Tourism Information Center and Gallery, also known as “Dr. Jackson’s Office and Surgery.”

Letters to the Editor

Press freedom

Curiously, critics of the Miami Herald attack the right of the newspaper to have a bias, to make editorial endorsements and judgments on article content and placement.

Letters to the Editor

Reckless opinion

In Thursday’s letters to the editor, Robert Fournier writes about “throwing a monkey wrench into the election” to the extent of summoning the 12th Amendment of the Constitution.

Letters to the Editor

League: This election is important. Vote!

This election is more than important most, and much is at stake. Voters in Miami-Dade will cast ballots to decide their representatives in local, state, and national elections, and important issues for the Florida Constitution and Miami-Dade Charter. Our great American democracy depends on voters making informed decisions as ballots are cast.

Letters to the Editor

Accepting results

After Donald Trump’s answer in Wednesday night’s final presidential debate about not conceding if he lost the election, if you or anyone you know is still thinking about voting for this man then you or they are as morally bankrupt as Donald Trump is.

Letters to the Editor

Facts were late

One of the co-hosts on the TV show “The Talk” said it best during an episode of last week’s program: “Why didn’t we have all this information on Donald Trump during the primaries so that we could have made a better choice on a Republican candidate?”

Letters to the Editor

Dump nominees

Is it too late for us, the American People, to “dump” both presidential nominees, and postpone the elections for six months in order to find and nominate two persons that we can all feel proud to represent us and lead this great nation we all love?

Letters to the Editor

North Beach rescue

I’m excited about the new vision recently presented in the North Beach Master Plan in Miami Beach. Throughout the public input process for the drafting of the plan, there were resident concerns for driving economic value and reinvigorating the area.

Letters to the Editor

Sour grapes?

Donald Trump gained loads of free press early on by dominating the news cycles with his strident comments. Now he is upset that the press is focusing on his misdeeds rather than the less salacious problems with Hillary’s emails.

Letters to the Editor

Sinking right

A reader complains that the Herald’s endorsement of Clinton is a joke and the decision of “left-leaning losers, akin to the HMS Titanic command staff.”

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Kyle Rau rejoins the Florida Panthers

With Jussi Jokinen out, the Florida Panthers recalled former University of Minnesota standout Kyle Rau for Saturday's game against the Colorado Avalanche.
George Richards grichards@miamiherald.com
Kyle Rau rejoins the Florida Panthers 2:31

Kyle Rau rejoins the Florida Panthers

Justise Winslow talks about anthem singer who kneeled 2:17

Justise Winslow talks about anthem singer who kneeled

Wayne Ellington after the Heat's 113-110 loss to 76ers 3:32

Wayne Ellington after the Heat's 113-110 loss to 76ers

Southride wins district title after, 20-0, win against Palmetto 0 1:25

Southride wins district title after, 20-0, win against Palmetto 0