Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Russian meddling

When John Brennan and James Comey say that Russia spread fake news stories to slander Hillary Clinton and puff up Donald Trump, the first example I would cite is the false report by Brett Baier of Fox News on Nov. 2 that Hillary Clinton was about to be indicted.

Letters to the Editor

Florida legislators turn their backs on veterans

Several legislative programs and gubernatorial proclamations claim that Florida is “the most veteran-friendly state.” But a 2017 legislative committee not only ignored a scheduled bill presentation to refund the Florida Veterans Foundation, but also decided to just plain quit, hours early. This dereliction of duty was a sign of disrespect to the general and other ranking veterans (including Purple Heart recipients) on hand to testify on the foundation’s behalf — and further disrespected the 1.5 million veterans who live and work in this state.

Letters to the Editor

Jail suicide

Re the May 21 article “Florida inmate slits his throat in front of deputies”: Often, those contemplating suicide offer no signs indicating suicidal thoughts.

Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers’ conflict

I thank Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago for shining a light on the blatant conflict of interest between legislators and charter schools (“Some legislators are profiting at the expense of public education,” May 21). Why even have ethics laws if they are ignored in cases like this?

Letters to the Editor

School choice

Columnist Fabiola Santiago is against charter schools that have set records for improving the quality of education that underprivileged kids receive (“Some legislators are profiting at the expense of public education,” May 21).

Letters to the Editor

Welcome home?

While visiting Great Britain, my husband and I met a British couple who visit the United States regularly. In February they visited Florida and said they will never come here again. Not only it was very costly, but also the locals they met were rude.

Letters to the Editor


The Miami Herald’s May 21 article regarding the hotel housekeeper, “Tourism’s invisible army,” was excellent, very informative, and very sad for our residents who must commute daily under these circumstances.

Letters to the Editor

Rubio lacks candor

When asked about the seemingly endless dysfunction and notoriety engulfing the White House, Senator Marco Rubio responded by suggesting that, among other things, President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and sharing of highly classified intelligence (with the Russians) were “unnecessary friction points.”

Letters to the Editor

Ailes guilty

I don’t agree with the description of Fox News Roger Ailes as a “brilliant broadcaster ” and he should not RIP. He was the target of several sexual harassment lawsuits and accusations because that he behaved inappropriately towards women.

Letters to the Editor

Heritage event fails

We decided to take the day off to go visit the Cuban Nostalgia event on May 19 and revisit our heritage. Knowing that the event opened at 11 a.m., we decided to wait a bit, figuring 1 p.m. would be a good time.

Letters to the Editor

Vote Curbelo out

Re the May 17 story “Miami lawmaker was first Republican to suggest Trump could be impeached”: So U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo has just admitted to what we have been seeing in his actions since the election — he only represents those who voted for him and who agree with his partisan politics.

Letters to the Editor

Bad karma

When all is said and done, Hillary Clinton has one thing to say when it comes to what should be done concerning former Gen. Mike Flynn: “Lock him up!”

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