Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Maintain Enterprise and Visit Florida

Thanks to the efforts of Gov. Rick Scott and the state’s committed business leaders, Florida has one of the strongest economies in the country. With our unemployment rate under five percent, Florida continues to exceed the nation’s annual job growth rate. And tourism — one of the state’s economic drivers — remains strong, with nearly 113 million visitors in 2016, an increase from 86 million just three years ago.

Letters to the Editor

Party over country

The most interesting/disgusting part of the right-wing narrative over these past six years regarding the Affordable Care Act was that they continually talked about the ACA as if President Barack Obama and the Democrats had prescribed overdoses of heroin for each American.

Letters to the Editor

Gimme shelter

On March 25, the New World Symphony scheduled a concert. As is customary, some of these events are projected on the outside of the building — the Wallcast — for the community to experience. What a wonderful idea! My wife and I and some friends attended the event outside.

Letters to the Editor

Pass on Kaepernick

Re Greg Cote’s March 26 article about Colin Kaepernick, “What NFL team will be brave enough (and smart enough) to give Kaepernick a chance?” Colin Kaepernick has had his chance.

Letters to the Editor

Miami grows up

While it is lamentable that some local folks have difficulty with housing, the Herald’s March 23 online article “Miami real estate is so expensive that locals are moving out,” is a clear indication that Miami has reached “global city” status. A community — once known as “Miamah” — that only 40 years ago was a retiree haven is now a thriving global metropolis that most foreigners see as a desirable place.

Letters to the Editor

Fix Obamacare

If Congress cannot pass the Republican healthcare bill because it is too compassionate for Republican conservatives, and not compassionate enough for the Republican moderates — because tens of millions will lose their health insurance — the moderate Republicans and President Trump should vote their consciences and join unanimous Democrats to help them fix Obamacare.

Letters to the Editor

Fest a distraction

As a student at Miami Dade College Wolfson campus and a downtown Miami resident, I completely agree with the March 23 article “Ultra Music Fest is back with its mega decibels, and urban dwellers are fleeing.”

Letters to the Editor

Pregnancy tax

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi stumbled on a term that women everywhere in this country should latch onto: By eliminating maternity coverage from new proposed healthcare law intended to replace the ACA, Republicans are imposing a “pregnancy tax” on women and families.

Letters to the Editor

Vets’ healthcare

I just heard from the Retired Enlisted Association that the healthcare bill in the U.S. House does, in fact, affect veterans eligible for VA healthcare and TRICARE-eligible retirees.

Letters to the Editor

Time to serve

Finally, someone of authority has written about the abuse of the AVF (all-volunteer force). Delbert Spurlock, who wrote the March 23 op-ed “Respect America’s volunteer military,” is someone who is probably asserting that the draft is now needed to get every citizen involved with the civic responsibility of serving this country.

Letters to the Editor

Banner plane

Did I just read that Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine paid for the anti-Airbnb banner plane to be flown around Coconut Grove on March 23? That was the biggest nuisance I’ve ever experienced in the Grove. It echoed between residential buildings for hours.

Letters to the Editor

Reeled in

It is now obvious that President Trump’s entire philosophy is bait and switch. This way he can say anything about anything and see what the reaction is.

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The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas

NFL owners approved the Oakland Raiders' move to Las Vegas at the league meetings on Monday. The Raiders likely will play two or three more years in the Bay Area before their $1.7 billion stadium near the Las Vegas Strip is ready. Las Vegas, long taboo to the NFL because of its legalized gambling, also is getting an NHL team this fall, the Golden Knights.
Courtesy of ESPN
The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas 1:19

The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas

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Trump to Russia-linked ex-advisors: Keep your distance

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Sprint car driver David Steele dies in Florida speedway crash

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Video shows child care center worker slamming 4-year-old girl to the ground