Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Florida does not need 2,000 ‘pot shops’

In 1996, California voters were duped into passing a “medical marijuana” initiative just like Amendment 2 that John Morgan and other trial lawyers are peddling in Florida. Amendment 2 preys on our compassion for those with serious illnesses, but it’s really a thinly veiled effort to legalize pot – which trial lawyers are now investing in.

Letters to the Editor

Could Olympics spread Zika virus?

With the Olympics heading to Rio this August, there are fears of an increased spread of the Zika virus. Scientists are working hard to determine the risk to the estimated 500,000 people from all around the world converging in Brazil and being potentially exposed to Zika through infected mosquito bites.

Letters to the Editor

Too many speeches

The Republican and Democratic conventions are similar in one respect: They are infected with prolixity from the political participants as well as from the caustic commentators.

Letters to the Editor

Trump advisers?

According to Donald Trump, he is the most brilliant businessman, most loved and smartest person who can bend world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, to his views.

Letters to the Editor

Trump loss

Even though looking at the polls now is like predicting a one-run game’s outcome in the third inning, Donald Trump has been working hard on trying to lose it recently, whether by allowing Ted Cruz to go forward with his speech at the convention, threatening retaliation by funding PACs to go after Cruz, John Kasich and others or asking for Russia to hack Hillary’s email account.

Letters to the Editor

Mama Trump

Letter writer Sylvia Viyella is misguided when she claims that Donald Trump’s children have such apparent sterling qualities because they got them from their father (Trump’s classy, too, July 27).

Letters to the Editor

Trump’s classy, too

Letter writer Alicia Cubota Smith of Miami Beach asked: “How can a brash, tactless, undiplomatic, rude presidential candidate have such poised, intelligent, eloquent, classy children?”

Letters to the Editor

Postal mosquitoes

Over and over I have read articles about the Zika virus and the importance of draining standing water to help stop the reproduction of the mosquitoes that spread this horrible disease.

Letters to the Editor

Liked cartoon

I had to read Monday’s political cartoon two or three times to make sure I got it right. This is the first time in memory my beliefs have not been insulted, belittled or called bigoted. It was quite an experience.

Letters to the Editor

Miami invests in summer youth jobs

This summer, the city of Miami is helping a group of young people take a critical early step toward successful futures through the Summer Youth Employment Financial Empowerment program. Not only will participants gain experience in real jobs, they’ll also be empowered to manage the income they earn.

Letters to the Editor

Divisive Zoabi

Re Uri Dromi’s July 22 column, “Even some outrageous speech merits protection”: Hanin Zoabi has been educated at Israeli universities and is allowed, as an Israeli citizen, to participate in its legislative system.

Letters to the Editor

Ban killer trucks

It is obvious that certain unbalanced individuals will continue to kill us, as they did in Nice, France where 84 people were ruthlessly murdered. However, lessons can be learned from the Nice incident: One, that even the strongest anti-gun laws in Europe will not prevent these types of murders; and two, ban all large, powerful trucks — that’ll do it.

Letters to the Editor

Trump stamp

Secretary Hillary Clinton has chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate. I am sure that the team will shortly be branded by Donald Trump as “Kaine and Unable.”

Letters to the Editor

Disheartened voter

As a former journalist or 20 years, near retirement, I am at the end of my proverbial rope hearing President Obama, John Kerry and other ivory-tower dignitaries sending their hearts out —and mine — in prayer and hope to the families of passengers murdered in the nation’s airports, wives and newborns of slain police officers who wear bullet-proof vests to protect our nation and the moms and dads of those beheaded live on social media.

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Don Mattingly talks about the Marlins trade with the Padres

Marlins manager Don Mattingly discusses the team's acquisition of pitchers Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea as part of a 7-player trade with the Padres on July 29, 2016
Andre C. Fernandez a1fernandez@miamiherald.com
Don Mattingly talks about the Marlins trade with the Padres 5:48

Don Mattingly talks about the Marlins trade with the Padres

Don Mattingly talks about Marlins 11-6 loss to the Cardinals 4:29

Don Mattingly talks about Marlins 11-6 loss to the Cardinals

Marlins President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill talks about team's trade Friday 6:55

Marlins President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill talks about team's trade Friday

Health officials work to contain Zika virus in Miami-Dade 1:20

Health officials work to contain Zika virus in Miami-Dade