Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A fair deal?

The Obama administration will once again try to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement through Congress soon and try to sweep the problems with this trade agreement under the rug.

Letters to the Editor

Wall between us

I rarely agree with Leonard Pitts, but regarding his Aug. 24 column, “Why the left and right can’t even talk to each other anymore,” I could not agree more. Except all the faults that he attributes to conservatives, I attribute to liberal-progressives.

Letters to the Editor

Not so popular

We have had presidential elections where people have said it is a shame one of the two candidates has to lose. We now have an upcoming election where voters are saying it is a shame one of these two candidates has to win.

Letters to the Editor

Be transparent

While I acknowledge the problems the Clinton Foundation has in terms of its association with different entities, one should not lose sight of its stated mission and accomplishments, nor of the numerous global initiatives it is involved in.

Letters to the Editor

Too few exits

Hasn’t anyone from the Florida Department of Transportation taken a drive on I-95 lately? I’ve lived in the state for 47 years, and am familiar with all the roads. However, once those new express lanes went up, big problems ensued.

Letters to the Editor

Charity must close

Despite a history of half-truths, lies and other bad behavior by Hillary Clinton and her husband, I was prepared to hold my nose and vote for her to become president. However, given the recent revelations about access gained by wealthy donors to the Clinton Foundation, she has most likely lost my vote.

Letters to the Editor

Fix the failures

Re the Herald’s Aug. 24 editorial, “New laws mean little when DCF fails kids”: The state Department of Children & Families is but one of many agencies ultimately controlled by the state courts, which have utterly failed to protect Floridians, young and old, from harm.

Letters to the Editor

Ask the GOP

In Gov. Rick Scott’s continuing appeals to Washington — usually to President Obama — for financial assistance in the fight against Zika, has the governor directly asked the sizable Republican Florida House delegation for help?

Letters to the Editor

When pigs fly

Thank you, politicians! Your multiple mailed fliers and TV ads, as well as stimulating phone calls from your minions, not only educate us to your many attributes, but also caution us as to your opponent’s liabilities. And kudos, too, to judicial candidates, all of whom assure us they have more wisdom than King Solomon on his best day.

Letters to the Editor

Taddeo will be a voice for women

Latinos cannot sit out the 2016 election out — the stakes are just too high. While Florida will play a key role in electing Hillary Clinton as our next president, Florida state needs strong leaders in Congress, politicians who aren’t suspected of voter fraud and who will fight for progressive policies.

Letters to the Editor

Debtor Trump

So much is being made by Donald Trump and his surrogates about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, yet so little is being reported about Trump’s finances, which should be at least as important, if not more.

Letters to the Editor

Fix the jams

It’s great that Miami has a new, upgraded traffic center. However, traffic-light synchronization and timing are still major problems preventing the smooth flow of traffic, creating jams and delays.

Letters to the Editor

Yes on solar

Property owners who invest in renewable energy — helping to stem the tide of rising sea levels — should not be penalized in the form of increased property taxes. That’s why Florida’s voters should vote “Yes” on Amendment 4, which would exempt from property taxes the value of green energy upgrades such as solar panels.

Letters to the Editor

Clinton foundation

The Aug. 21 article, which was written by two New York Times reporters, reported that the Clinton Foundation complicates Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House and that it is overseen by a board that includes her husband, Bill, and daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

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Father of King Carter speaks after 8-year-old girl dies in shooting

Santonio Carter, who lost his 6-year-old son, King Carter, to gun violence in February, speaks outside of a Northwest Miami-Dade home on Monday, Aug. 29, 2016, where an 8-year-old girl, Jada Page, and her 32-year-old father, James, were shot Sunday. Jada is on life-support; her father died.
Matias Ocner mocner@miamiherald.com
Father of King Carter speaks after 8-year-old girl dies in shooting 0:59

Father of King Carter speaks after 8-year-old girl dies in shooting

Ammonia leak at food processing plant makes workers sick in Northwest Miami-Dade 0:18

Ammonia leak at food processing plant makes workers sick in Northwest Miami-Dade

Fans speak out on Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem 2:08

Fans speak out on Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem

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Dolphins open stadium to media