Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Could the U.S. become Cuba?

Last year, in the midst of the primary elections, I got into a social-media argument because I expressed support for Bernie Sanders’ universal healthcare proposal. An old friend felt it was necessary for him to “educate” me. He said that if Sanders were to be elected president, “We all were going to end up in a Communist dictatorship like Cuba,” the country I fled years ago.

Letters to the Editor

Scandals aplenty

For everyone who complained about President Obama, think again. There was not one word of scandal for eight years. His relationship with Vice President Joe Biden was great. Just compare that to what is happening now; we can only long for yesterday.

Letters to the Editor

Rubio’s email

In response to a request that Sen. Marco Rubio not support the spectacularly unqualified Betsy DeVos for education secretary, I received a strange email reply. In it, the senator did not say he found DeVos qualified. In fact, he did not mention her.

Letters to the Editor

Know your rights

Every day we see letters to the editor such as those where someone wants Mitch McConnell to resign or says President Trump should be impeached for violating the Constitution.

Letters to the Editor

Zip it, Democrats!

Liberals and Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot by constantly criticizing President Trump. By making outrageous, over-the-top comments such as those by Herald columnist Leonard Pitts, Meryl Streep, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and others — comparing him to brown shirts, Nazis, and the Third Reich, in addition to demanding his impeachment.

Letters to the Editor

Shame on Curbelo

I am writing to express my disbelief that U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who sits on the Ways and Means Committee and usually is a voice of reason in these polarized times, voted along party lines on Wednesday to defeat an amendment that would have activated the powers of Congress to compel the president to release his tax returns.

Letters to the Editor

Where’s the leader?

As we watch the Trump administration’s daily blunders as it tries to navigate the complexities of governing, it’s beginning to look like the The Keystone Kops are in the Oval Office.

Letters to the Editor

Prostrated Senator

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio could have become endeared to all the people in his district if he had voted against President Trump’s choice for Department of Education. But he kissed his ring instead.

Letters to the Editor

American response needed to help persecuted Christians abroad

Western societies, including many people within the United States, appear unaware of the growing persecution of Christian believers throughout many of the world’s nations. According to the Christian relief group, Open Doors, this persecution persists in 60 nations. The persecution includes violence against Christians in many Middle Eastern and Near East countries, such as Pakistan, Iraq , Egypt, Afghanistan and Iran.

Letters to the Editor

Gravy train

Since the election, we have read about frustrated constituents unable to contact Sen. Marco Rubio’s office. He has consistently been ducking and dodging them with constant busy signals and calls to the police when citizens show up at his offices.

Letters to the Editor

You go first!

If the Florida Legislature wants to expand gun laws, it should do so in steps and first eliminate the provision that prohibits the public from carrying concealed firearms in any legislative meeting or legislative committee meeting. Let’s see how that works before expanding it further.

Letters to the Editor

Charitable idea

Avi Lichter’s Feb. 15 letter, “Two tales,” got me thinking. According to Major League Baseball sources, the average attendance at each of the Miami Marlin’s 80 home games in 2016 was 21,828. The average ticket price paid was $28.31 (www.statista.com).

Letters to the Editor

Story priorities

I find it amusing, interesting and disappointing all at once that the Herald published the Feb. 15 story “Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence” on page 9. Yet the paper published ad nauseam a trillion articles regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails on the front page before the election.

Letters to the Editor

Pitts unfair

Leonard Pitts again proves his arrogance. We all must afford President Trump and his administration the common courtesy and respect the office of the president deserves — and demands.

Letters to the Editor

It’s President Trump

Re Leonard Pitts’ Feb. 15 column, “Mr. President: Who the hell do think you are?”: He is the same as his predecessor, who said, “I will use my pen and phone to take on Congress.” Simply put, he is the president.

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Roberto Luongo helps Florida Panthers win season-high fourth consecutive game

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