Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Honor No. 16

I have no words to express my sadness at José Fernandez’s passing. He was a true role model, and his death is a huge loss for our community. A story book story with a tragic ending. Honor No. 16 with a smile and a good deed.

Letters to the Editor

Grieving parents fight gun violence

Three months ago our son Jerry, along with 48 other innocent people, was killed in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. For years, we’ve watched other parents publicly mourn their children killed or injured by gun violence, but never anticipated we’d join their heartbreaking club.

Letters to the Editor

Debate cheating

Before the debate questions get started, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should have their ears checked to see if either one is wearing a plug. They can’t be trusted to respond on their own, and someone might be giving them the answers to the questions.

Letters to the Editor

Another debate

The Miami Herald should be commended for its willingness to host a debate for the two candidates in Florida’s U.S. Senate race. Senator Marco Rubio should also be commended for his acceptance of the Miami Herald debate, and his six-debate proposal to Congressman Patrick Murphy.

Letters to the Editor

Flower power

Re the two art installations on Segovia Boulevard in Coral Gables: I would love to see this much community involvement, adrenalin production and purpose-driven activity when it comes to voting in the Gables.

Letters to the Editor

Take ownership

Electing a black president has not solved racial inequality in this country, it has just brought the problem to the forefront. The same might be said regarding gender inequality should we elect a woman president.

Letters to the Editor

Fire city attorney

It should be crystal clear to Miami-Dade residents that cities and towns here are prone to hidden agendas, cover-ups, wrongdoing, improprieties and disregard of the fact they hold the public trust in their hands.

Letters to the Editor

Broward ballots

We mailed our ballots at a local post office eight to 10 days before the Aug. 30 primary. The supervisor of elections confirmed on Sept. 21 that our ballots were never received at its office in Fort Lauderdale. I urge all who voted by mail in the primaryto confirm the status of their vote online at www.browardsoe.org.

Letters to the Editor

Fortune reversed?

Isn’t it interesting how once Donald Trump hired a new management team his message became more presidential, as he says. He started using a TelePrompTer, and solely targeted Hillary Clinton. Heaven help America if he does win. What will happen when these script writers are no longer on the scene? In my opinion, he will not be able to speak for himself nor make any decisions. How will he multitask?

Letters to the Editor

Police shootings

There used to be a time if you got stuck on the highway you would wait for the police to come and help you. Now it seems, if you are black, that you wait for the police to come and shoot you, even though your hands are up.

Letters to the Editor

Take legal action

In regards to ex-veteran Chuck Mercer’s Sept. 23 letter on being asked to stop flying the flag in his small community: I would ask him to take legal action, if required. I will be the first to contribute.

Letters to the Editor

Magic act

Republicans always speak about reducing the size of the federal government. They have reached the ultimate with their presidential candidate.

Letters to the Editor

Edward Snowden no hero

I read and understood ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero’s suggestion in Thursday’s Herald that President Obama should pardon Edward Snowden. I agree with everything he wrote about Snowden’s heroic work in alerting Americans to our government’s actions in violation of our Fourth Amendment rights.

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Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra talks about Chris Bosh

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra taks about Chris Bosh during media day on Sept. 26, 2016.
Charles Trainor Jr. Miami Herald
Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra talks about Chris Bosh 1:29

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra talks about Chris Bosh

Video reportedly shows marine officers towing José Fernández’s boat 0:17

Video reportedly shows marine officers towing José Fernández’s boat

Miami Heat's Hassan Whiteside laments the passing of Jose Fernandez 1:10

Miami Heat's Hassan Whiteside laments the passing of Jose Fernandez

Miami Heat's Goran Dragić and Udonis Haslem at media day 0:42

Miami Heat's Goran Dragić and Udonis Haslem at media day