Is Rainey now the victim of a cover-up?

It’s been well over three years since inmate Darren Rainey died at the Dade Correctional Institution after he was placed in a scalding shower for hours by guards — and still no final autopsy has been released. Why?


This time, put your foot down, Mr. Obama

Well into the “Republicans be damned” phase of his second term, President Obama this week touched a third rail — and lived; he visited a mosque, a move that for years he had wanted to make, but never had, likely aware of the fallout.

Letters to the Editor

Diversity in Hollywood starts at the top

Last weekend’s SAG Awards ushered in another conversation about diversity in Hollywood, but unlike conversations of the past, this discussion was centered around the abundance of minority talent that was gracing the stage. But something else was also happening at that time — there were Spanish-language telenovela stars in the room and on the red carpet.


Celebrating Colombia’s success story

President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia makes an official visit to the White House this week to celebrate a feat few countries can boast of — a transformation from banditry, endemic violence and guerrilla warfare to the recovery of democracy and the revival of domestic security.


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