Seeking control

Miami Gardens wants what other cities in Miami-Dade County have: The ability to set its own course, its own direction, its own destiny.


Stopping Ebola

Rarely has the idea of the global village and the mantra that the world is one big neighborhood seemed as real as in the frightening case of the raging Ebola epidemic in Africa.


Dodging the taxman

The White House’s latest target for “executive authority” is the scheme that allows American companies to establish a corporate headquarters in another country to reduce their debt to the U.S. Treasury. In the business world it’s called “inversion.” In plain English, it’s called a tax dodge.


Budget comes to the rescue

By the time Miami-Dade commissioners hold the final public hearing on the budget Thursday night to approve the $6.2-billion behemoth, all the major dramas will be over, diffused by concessions and found money.


Let the undocumented drive legally

The push to secure driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in Florida took a hiatus after Gov. Rick Scott vetoed the measure last year. But the inconvenience — and the injustice — that the veto imposed did not.


Black eye for the region

If Venezuela succeeds in its bid to join the U.N. Security Council, as appears likely, it certainly won’t be the first (or last) time that an undeserving government gets the green light to join the world body’s enforcement arm. But that doesn’t make this bad decision go down any easier.


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