• Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Remember the deficit?

    OUR OPINION: Crisis over, long-term budget problem remains

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    From tragedy to farce

    OUR OPINION: Latest Guantánamo disclosures further discredit the justice process

  • Worth a thousand words

    The Miami Herald Editorial Board shares the viewpoints of cartoonists from across the country in this Saturday feature called “Worth a Thousand Words.” Photo Gallery Available

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Legislative lunacy

    OUR OPINION: Lawmakers shouldn’t cut funds for front lines of mental healthcare

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The Heat unites us

    OUR OPINION: Team will take us all along in its quest for a third NBA championship Photo Gallery Available

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Two wins for the Everglades

    OUR OPINION: Protecting region’s clean water supply remains a challenge

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Let the state choose textbooks

    OUR OPINION: Allowing districts to select them is a plan for inconsistency, ideological battles

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Climate change has arrived

    OUR OPINION: Dire future if no action is taken

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Florida’s sad voting record

    OUR OPINION: Time for state to get past election mediocrity

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The future of MDC

    OUR OPINION: Unwise remarks should not distract from effort to get a sales-tax vote

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Give voters a say

    OUR OPINION: Public should weigh in on possible tax hike

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Oxycodone’s harsh price

    OUR OPINION: Harsh sentencing process for some abusers deserves overhaul

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The buzz in Cuba

    OUR OPINION: ZunZuneo was a well-intentioned effort to break government’s information monopoly

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Let the sunshine in

    OUR OPINION: Make the most of a movement to protect and expand greater Miami’s parks and green spaces

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    A good start

    OUR OPINION: Affordable Care Act reaches important milestone

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