A Medicare fix

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth: In an all-too-rare but refreshing show of harmony, the U.S. House of Representatives last week approved a bipartisan compromise bill that fixes a serious, long-festering problem with Medicare payments and sent it to the Senate...where it awaits an uncertain future.


Sweet deal

Florida lawmakers may be on the verge of making a mistake of historic proportions by letting a splendid opportunity to aid Everglades restoration and clean up waters east and west of Lake Okeechobee slip through their fingers this session.


Happy 100th, Miami Beach

The city of Miami Beach, incorporated on March 26, 1915, is turning 100 and the party culminates with a massive beach concert on Thursday. Happy Birthday to our funnest city.


Haitians get a vote, finally

Four years into his tenure as Haiti’s president, Michel Martelly, unfortunately, has ceased to govern his poor country, and now instead rules it through executive order. He has tightened his grip on the reins of power in his still politically stunted nation. But the president himself remains in the grip of the kinds of corruption and self-serving cronyism that have long impeded Haiti’s progress toward sustainability.


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