Curbelo does well by doing good

As he concludes his freshman year in Congress representing Miami-Dade’s District 26, Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo deserves praise for taking a leadership role on two pressing South Florida challenges, both of them sticky wickets: climate change and Cuban immigration.


CRA funds not always helping the poor

Eliminating poverty remains the noble goal of the well-funded entities called community redevelopment agencies. But helping low-income residents lead self-sufficient lives, in housing they can afford, hasn’t always been the result.


Make fixing the Everglades a priority

The reopening of the flood gates around Lake Okeechobee last week underlined the perilous state of South Florida’s vulnerable water system. Water managers were forced to act because recent heavy rains produced dangerous water levels in the lake and around nearby communities.


Celebrating Colombia’s success story

President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia makes an official visit to the White House this week to celebrate a feat few countries can boast of — a transformation from banditry, endemic violence and guerrilla warfare to the recovery of democracy and the revival of domestic security.


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