No need to panic

The paranoia over Ebola reached dangerous levels last week when Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey imposed a mandatory quarantine rule on nurse Kaci Hickox, who registered a fever after returning to this country following a stay in West Africa to combat Ebola but had not contracted the virus.


Cuba hasn’t earned embargo’s end

In October of 1960, the United States imposed an embargo on exports to Cuba covering all commodities except medical supplies and certain food products. That was the beginning of a trade embargo that still endures and still inspires heated debate.


Miami-Dade charter; judicial retention

On Election Day, Miami-Dade voters will asked to decide ballot questions dealing with the use of public spaces and parks as dictated by Article 7 of the county’s charter. Currently, Article 7 says that parks “shall be protected from commercial development and exploitation.” The ballot questions would loosen that mandate.


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