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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is appealing judge’s decision to allow gay couples to marry.

    Miami Herald | ONLINE EDITORIAL

    Time to move on, Ms. Bondi

    OUR OPINION: Florida attorney general fighting uphill battle with same-sex marriage defense


    Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The Heraldrecommends

    OUR OPINION: For Miami-Dade Circuit, County Courts

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  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The Herald recommends

    OUR OPINION: For Miami-Dade County Circuit Court

  • Miami Herald | ONLINE EDITORIAL

    Keep the oceans clean

    OUR OPINION: Seismic testing in the Atlantic could endanger environment

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    The Herald recommends

    OUR OPINION: For Miami-Dade Circuit Court

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Murder in the sky

    OUR OPINION: Russia cannot evade its complicity for act of terrorism

  • Worth a thousand words

    The Miami Herald Editorial Board shares the viewpoints of cartoonists from across the country in this Satur...

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Follow the law

    OUR OPINION: Mass deportation no solution for migrant-children crisis

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Preserve exile history — and Parcel B

    OUR OPINION: Miami-Dade commissioners should not break promise to create desperately needed green space

  • Miami Herald | EDITORIAL

    Justice for Haiti

    OUR OPINION: U.N. needs to do more than take ‘moral responsibility’ for cholera epidemic

  • Healthcare issues

    Re the article Doctors declining to accept Obamacare plans came at an interesting time for me. I knew it wo...

  • We have rest stops

    What does the State of Florida have — on Interstate 95 — that Georgia doesn’t? Rest St...

  • JNC manipulation

    Once again and without any explanation, Gov. Rick Scott has rejected an entire, diverse and exceptional lis...

  • The readers’ forum

    FPL stopping algae bloom safely

    Florida Power & Light Co. employees work hard to ensure the reliability of our electric system remains amon...

  • Shame on UM

    I, too, am discouraged by the University of Miami’s irresponsibility toward a loyal community by qui...

  • Students fooled

    The rebranding of a technical school as a technical “college” as reported in the July 14 arti...

  • James Garner RIP

    James Garner did a great job playing the tall and handsome Jim Rockford. The Rockford Files was one of my f...

  • No to FIU

    FIU's growth is great, but to move the fair and expand the campus is a terriable idea, I belive the should ...

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