A conversation on race

The cries of anguish from the black community that greeted the Department of Justice decision not to charge George Zimmerman with a federal hate crime in the killing of Trayvon Martin is a stark reminder that the teenager’s death remains a painful wound for many.

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Georgia Ayers: The lioness sleeps

I first met Georgia Ayers during the May 1980 riots over the killing of a young black insurance agent named Arthur McDuffie. We were at a meeting with the then state attorney Janet Reno, senior police staff and a horde of reporters as the city burned from the night before.


House of Cards returns: Let the war between Frank and Claire Underwood begin

Frank Underwood is getting older. As season 3 of “House of Cards” progresses, one carefully framed and neutrally toned shot after another, it becomes more and more obvious: his dark hair is graying, his erect stature is beginning to sag and stoop. It’s the show’s canny nod to the visual palette of Washington, D.C., a landscape it is in love with and in the business of reproducing. Politicians wear black, gray, blue and occasionally red; offices are painted and outfitted in tastefully muted furnishings. And a commander in chief’s hair goes gray.

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