Seeking control

Miami Gardens wants what other cities in Miami-Dade County have: The ability to set its own course, its own direction, its own destiny.

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Ebola rages on in West Africa

There has been a great deal of news on the epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa. Until now, all previous outbreaks have been limited to a few hundred cases. At present, 4,800 cases have been documented in five countries: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal. Over 2,400 deaths have occurred.


‘Gimme, gimme?’ I don’t work for free!

A few years ago, walking into a club I had been invited to by a popular promoter, I found him snapping this huge rubber band on his hand. I asked him, “Why the giant rubber band?” He pointed to the disappointed guy walking away with his girlfriend and said he had asked to get in for free. He told him no. Then he explained the band “snapped” him back to his mantra “I got bills too, b---h!”


FIU’s med-school students healing more than bodies

Early in my professional career, I worked as a field researcher for a nutrition program in a low-income area in Atlanta. I was charged with collecting information on the fruit and vegetable consumption of local residents, and in exchange they would receive a small honorarium.


NFL didn’t hit her, Rice did

The NFL has had a rough time of late. This month, Baltimore Raven Ray Rice’s battery of his then-fiancée resurfaced, when new video showed the running back striking her inside an elevator.

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The Fed’s gift to the rich

The latest meeting of the People Who Influence Everything from Auto Loans to 401(k) Plans – a.k.a. the Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee — has just concluded. The Fed confirmed Wednesday that, as expected, it will stop buying bonds with freshly printed money in October but did not say when, exactly, it will end its recession-fighting zero-interest-rate policy.

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