Letters to the Editor

Grove in danger of losing its charm

Re the July 23 story “Local residents revolt over tree-devouring ‘white boxes’ invading neighborhood:” A few years ago, the trend was to build faux Mediterranean houses and duplexes. Now it seems the trend is for Big White Contemporary Boxes.


‘America First,’ except at Mar-a-Lago

The Trump administration petitioned the U.S. Labor Department to allow foreign workers to take 70 seasonal jobs from October through May as cooks, waiters and housekeepers at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

Letters to the Editor

Broward transit

The past two weeks, the Miami Herald has treated us to articles describing the vigorous and healthy discussions taking place in Miami-Dade County regarding the future of public transportation.

Letters to the Editor

Cartoon genius

For many years, I have been a great admirer of Jim Morin’s political cartoons. He has always had an uncanny ability to reveal the zeitgeist; the spirit of what his fellow citizens are feeling on a subconscious but almost visceral level.

Letters to the Editor

Stadium law suit

I support Bruce Matheson in his attempt to block the sweetheart sale of public land to David Beckham’s soccer team. If Beckham wants to build a stadium he should buy the land on the open market and build the stadium with his own money.

Letters to the Editor

Aid programs

The debate to replace the Affordable Care Act made me reflect on the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to the international affairs budget. The U.S. government spends less than 1 percent of the budget on foreign aid.

Letters to the Editor

I say ‘No’ to buses

How can Mayor Carlos Gimenez even suggest that buses are the way to solve the horrific traffic problem in this town? Since 1980, when a transportation committee began the research on Metrorail, it was known that people are not going to ride buses. There are many reasons, some silly and some making complete sense.

Letters to the Editor

Bus vs. rail

Buses breakdown, get into accidents, stop at traffic lights, and get a flat tire once in a while, and have not proven to reduce any traffic clog in Miami at all. The biggest example is the so-called Busway along South Dixie Highway. It is a joke. The city paved over tracks that could have been used for a light rail system.

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Trump and Putin shake hands at G20 Summit

A German Federal Government social media page released video of the first time President Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin met in person. The videos shows them shaking hands at the 2017 Hamburg summit on July 7. Note: no audio.
Bundesregierung via Storyful
Trump and Putin shake hands at G20 Summit 0:39

Trump and Putin shake hands at G20 Summit

Fact Check: The Senate Health Care Plan 1:57

Fact Check: The Senate Health Care Plan

How the Republican Health Care Bill would change Medicaid 2:39

How the Republican Health Care Bill would change Medicaid

Miami Herald Editorial Board hosts ice cream social with Dave Barry 1:11

Miami Herald Editorial Board hosts ice cream social with Dave Barry