Santa Fe inspires with art, history and natural beauty

Nestled at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and surrounded by acres of desolate beauty, Santa Fe often surprises first-time visitors with its wealth of offerings, from culture, history and a vibrant culinary scene to outdoor pursuits such as hiking and skiing.


Le Meridien Etoile, built in 1972, is Paris' 'newest' hotel after redevelopment

Built in 1972, and once owned by Air France back when airlines owned hotel chains (Pan Am and Intercontinental, Swissair and Swissotel, etc.), Le Meridien Etoile was then, and remains today, Paris' biggest hotel, and the second-largest in all of France (only the Disneyland Paris' Newport Bay Club in Marne-la-Vallee, at 1,098 rooms, is larger). So how does it manage not to feel huge? After a multi-million dollar redevelopment ("refurbishment" doesn't do justice to the scope of the project), it's also Paris' "newest" hotel (notwithstanding that the Paris Ritz, which isn't quite fully operational after its unfortunate fire, also underwent a major renovation).


Kauai dining hot spots

This year has seen the opening of a variety of new, fun eateries along Kauai's southern shore, from Roy Yamaguchi's newest hot spot to a seasonal, organic shave ice stand with a mustache theme (yes, really). Here's the scoop on three new places to try.

Travel Troubleshooter

Why won’t airline cover my cab fare?

Q: I need help getting a refund from British Airways. Earlier this year, I flew from Bergen, Norway, to Baltimore via London — at least, that’s what my ticket said. However, the connecting flight from London to Baltimore was canceled due to a mechanical problem, and a day later I was rerouted to Washington Dulles International Airport.

Travel Troubleshooter

Can I get a refund for an Airbnb rental in a ‘bad' neighborhood?

Q: I rented a house through Airbnb for two months for a summer internship. The house was in a bad neighborhood, and both my roommate’s and my roommate’s boyfriend’s cars were broken into. When a neighbor’s car was also broken into, and we saw the culprits flee the scene to a nearby housing project, my roommate and I decided to leave. That weekend, we canceled our reservation and found a new apartment. We’ve been trying to get a refund from Airbnb since then. I have sent the company photographs and police reports. An Airbnb representative finally agreed to refund me $2,004. Airbnb argued that this was because the situation was not completely the owner’s fault. I understand that, but as a multimillion-dollar company, Airbnb should protect its customers from bad experiences. My roommate and I spent a total of $5,438 to rent this house. We’re asking for $2,719, the second month’s rent. I have attempted to call Airbnb to negotiate further, but I am repeatedly put on hold or hung up on. I don’t know where to go from here.


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Journey to the white continent

Cruising to Antarctica aboard Lind Blad's National Geographic Explorer, Dec. 2015.
Jane Wooldridge Miami Herald
Journey to the white continent 1:17

Journey to the white continent

Legoland adds The Lego Movie 4D: A New Adventure attraction 0:31

Legoland adds The Lego Movie 4D: A New Adventure attraction

Cobra's Curse to open at Busch Gardens in Tampa 0:22

Cobra's Curse to open at Busch Gardens in Tampa

Rivers of Light coming soon to Animal Kingdom 2:21

Rivers of Light coming soon to Animal Kingdom

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