Mother Road with no plan

The plan was to have no plan. To head east on Route 66, a solo traveler with no agenda. Stopping when I felt like it. Staying as long as I wanted. Moving on when I was ready.


Hi-yo silver – Away we go

For more than 80 years the Airstream trailer company has been a fixation for American road warriors entranced by its sleek, bullet-shaped aluminum body and the promise of camping in luxury, nowadays known as glamping.


Here's why travelers are calling Nashville the new Austin

"Nashville is the new Austin." It was a comment I heard numerous times during the recent weekend I spent in Music City. After about the third time, I asked the person saying it why he thought so ... was it the thriving music scene (not exactly a new addition) or the burgeoning restaurant scene (somewhat of a new addition)? Perhaps it was the influx of young professionals contributing to the city's energetic vibe – my nephew Scott being one of the recent transplants, relocating here a few months ago, ironically, from Austin.


Beyond the 'Ya, you betcha,' Fargo offers big surprises

Yes, the terrain was as flat as a sheet of paper, and about as colorful. Yes, it was cold, with nothing to get in the way of that biting wind. And yes, the people were friendly in a small-town, wide-eyed way (including the server at the HoDo who repeatedly called me "Dear," despite being about 30 years my junior, and the server at Zest, who wondered – when I asked for a glass with my beer – if I would also require ice).


In Barcelona with 11,000 friends

The gathering of a select group of fashion lawyers from around the world that I organize every year was about to begin, this time on a pleasant, sun-washed afternoon in Barcelona, the coastal capital of Catalonia, in eastern Spain. We had the usual frets about whether to cover the goodie bags with a table cloth until given away (we didn't) and where to place the podium no one ever uses. This time would be different, however. I was staying at the Hotel El Palace, one of the greatest in all Spain, and we had also rented a function room that, as people came in, was correctly compared to something from the kind of romantic movie in which the earnest but dashing prince courts the reluctant princess under spreading chandeliers. Waiters served a formal tea in the English manner as four attorneys from three continents made brief and effective speeches on the art and craft of fashion law. When everyone left, I received, as if in one voice, the comment, "What are you going to do to top that next year?"


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Peru's Belmond Andean Explorer

Lorenzo Sousa, Chairman of Peru Rail and founder of Peru Belmond Hotels tells the Miami Herald about the Andean Explorer experience.
Peru's Belmond Andean Explorer 2:53

Peru's Belmond Andean Explorer

SeaWorld will add a new whitewater thrill ride, Infinity Falls 0:31

SeaWorld will add a new whitewater thrill ride, Infinity Falls

Celebrity Equinox has close encounter with Broward home 0:36

Celebrity Equinox has close encounter with Broward home

Journey to the white continent 1:17

Journey to the white continent