Plastic Surgery 101

Plastic Surgery 101

Yes, you can have a nose job with minimal pain

Q. I am about to have a rhinoplasty and I’m very concerned about the time of recovery and the pain. How long should it take for me to recover, and do you really think I’m not going to have pain? My doctor told me there’s minimal to no pain with the surgery and I just can’t believe it!

About Dr. Carlos Wolf

Dr. Carlos Wolf


Dr. Carlos Wolf has been working in the field of plastic surgery for more than 20 years. He answers your questions about plastic surgery.

Opening statement from State Attorney of trial of Terrorist Boyz

The violent gang from North Miami is suspected of killing at least a dozen people 15 years ago. The sprawling criminal case against them is already the most expensive capital murder trial in Florida history, and the first member is only now coming to
C.M. Guerrero /


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