Greg Cote

Greg Cote’s NFL Passer Rankings: Week 1


Welcome to the 17th season of the Miami Herald’s Passer Success System (PASS) NFL quarterback rankings. Denver’s Peyton Manning has won the past two season championships — including wire-to-wire with a record 714.85 points last year — and has won the most titles overall, six. Miami’s Ryan Tannehill finished in 13th place last year. The Herald rankings use a simple formula unchanged since its inception in 1998, factoring accuracy, yardage, TD/interception ratio and team result. These are passer rankings per se and do not include a QB’s running ability. Most rating systems including the NFL’s and ESPN’s are complicated and percentile based, allowing players who miss half a season to still win a title. Our rankings are cumulative, placing a premium on passers who are consistently productive and avoid injury or benching. Look for our weekly Top 20 in this space every Sunday starting next week.


Year Player Total
2013 Peyton Manning, DEN 714.85
2012 Peyton Manning, DEN 593.35
2011 Drew Brees, NO 713.80
2010 Drew Brees, NO 557.00
2009 Drew Brees, NO 565.35
2008 Drew Brees, NO 535.45
2007 Tom Brady, NE 664.30
2006 Peyton Manning, IND 512.85
2005 Carson Palmer, CIN 487.80
2004 Peyton Manning, IND 579.85
2003 Peyton Manning, IND 522.35
2002 Rich Gannon, OAK 555.45
2001 Kurt Warner, STL 557.50
2000 Peyton Manning, IND 467.65
1999 Kurt Warner, STL 517.95
1998 Steve Young, SF 462.50

Season record: Manning (DEN), 714.85, 2013.

Dolphins record: Chad Pennington, 439.65, 2008.

Best week: Matt Schaub (HOU), 71.35, 2012.

Worst week: Tim Hasselbeck (WAS), minus-23.30, 2003.

FINAL 2013 TOP 10

Player Total
1. Peyton Manning, DEN 714.85
2. Drew Brees, NO 636.10
3. Philip Rivers, SD 544.90
4. Matt Ryan, ATL 499.75
5. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT 461.05
6. Tom Brady, NE 451.15
7. Andy Dalton, CIN 448.80
8. Tony Romo, DAL 444.10
9. Carson Palmer, ARI 421.70
10. Andrew Luck, IND 406.50

Dolphins leader: Ryan Tannehill, 378.65, 13th place.

Season’s best week: Aaron Rodgers (GB), 67.00.

Season’s worst week: Geno Smith (NYJ), minus-10.85.

Most weeks leading: Manning (DEN), 17.

Most weekly titles: Manning (DEN), 4.


Accuracy: Two points each for completions, minus attempts. For example, 20 for 30 equals 10 points.

Yardage: Five percent of total. For example, 250 passing yards equals 12.5 points.

TD/INT ratio: Difference times three. For example, 3 TDs and one interception equals six points.

Team result: Five points for winning QB.