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Let’s hope Kaaya’s opening act gets rave reviews

Are you ready for some football? OK I don’t mean you, personally. I’m pretty sure you are. What I really mean is, are the Hurricanes, first, and then the Dolphins, ready for some football?

At least the Dolphins have another week. No such luxury for the Canes, who take the national stage in their opener Monday night at Louisville.

The Cardinals are led by controversial nomad-coach Bobby Petrino, who once had the misfortune to get injured in a motorcycle accident, which led to the discovery that his passenger was his 25-year-old mistress. His departure from Arkansas ensued.

What Louisville and Miami have in common is a new era at quarterback. The Cardinals are moving on from departed star Teddy Bridgewater, and the Canes are turning to true freshman Brad Kaaya.

Some might not know that Kaaya’s mother, Angela Means, was a 1980s and ’90s actress who appeared in House Party 3 and most notably played Felicia in popular 1995 movie Friday. That film inspired a catch-phrase of the time, “Bye, Felicia.”

Twenty years later, as Canes fans say, “Hello, Brad,” Miami hopes the family genes are good and that Kaaya will either be a great quarterback or at least convincingly act like one.

• Good-guy face of the NFL

Peyton Manning

was fined for taunting. That’s like a nun twerking.

• The NFL got tough on domestic violence, including a lifetime ban for a second offense. I love that the players union probably thinks that’s way too harsh but doesn’t dare be politically incorrect and say so.

• By the way my NFL fantasy draft is going on even as I write this. My first two picks are

Josh Gordon


Sam Bradford

. How am I doing so far?

• The Marlins’

Giancarlo Stanton

, asked about his future, ominously said, “Five months doesn’t change five years.” He later explained and softened, but one clarification doesn’t change those six words.


Tony Stewart

is back in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race Sunday for the first time since he tragically struck and killed a fellow driver Aug. 9. Wonder if his legion of haters will break down and admit they’re sort of rooting for him?

• ESPN apologized for airing a report that discussed the locker room showering habits of openly gay NFL player

Michael Sam

. On the bright side, the report did not include video.

• The Bucs had

Richie Incognito

in for a tryout and now the Colts might be interested. Bully for them!

• The NFL is getting a chilly response after telling music stars they must pay to perform at halftime of Super Bowls. This might be a good time to scale the whole damned thing back to marching bands.

• Tennis’ U.S. Open is at its midpoint. American

CiCi Bellis

, 15, became the youngest player since 1996 to win a match at the event. My biggest accomplishment at 15 was saving money on gifts by finding small, smooth stones to put in empty Pet Rock boxes.

• Octogenarian former coaches

Bobby Bowden


Wisdom of Faith

) and

Howard Schnellenberger


Passing the Torch

) have new books out. I wonder which one out-wisdoms and out-sages the other?

• Texas A&M’s upset of South Carolina caused an Ashley’s furniture store in College Station, Texas, to give away more than $1 million in free furniture in a publicity stunt gone wrong. “It seemed like a good idea,” said the former employee who dreamed it up.

• Southern Cal suspended cornerback

Josh Shaw

after he lied to explain injuries to his ankles by saying he’d jumped from a balcony to save a drowning nephew. What, no points for creativity!?

• Vanderbilt had its team slogan, “Anchor Down,” on its jerseys instead of player names until the NCAA said no. Dumb slogan anyway. Doesn’t anchor down signify going nowhere?

• Sometimes reality is its own punch line. Guests attending

Dwyane Wade


Gabrielle Union’s

wedding Saturday had to sign a confidentiality agreement assuring nothing gets in the media. And how do we know? Somebody leaked the confidentiality agreement to TMZ!

• The Cleveland Cavs completed a trade for

Kevin Love

to join

LeBron James


Kyrie Irving

in a new Big 3. Don’t like it. It’s bad for the NBA when any team other than Miami hogs all the talent like that.

• Soccer rivals Brazil and Colombia will play Friday at Dolphins stadium. Last time I saw Brazil, it was losing 7-1 to Germany. Ouch. Too soon?


Manny Pacquiao

is starting a Filipino basketball team and is trying to enlist

Metta World Peace

. What,

Dennis Rodman’s


• Sentences I Never Imagined Writing (one in a series): “

Tom Hanks

voices concern over artificial turf in 2015 Women’s World Cup.”


Will Power

won last week’s IndyCar race. Who was second? Dee Termination?


Alonzo Mourning

was among inductees into the basketball hall of fame earlier this month. I don’t wanna say the induction speeches ran a bit long, but

Nolan Richardson

is still talking.


Parting thought: Tiger Woods

dropped longtime swing coach

Sean Foley

. Tiger should hire me. My advice would be, “Swing in a way that makes you win a major for the first time since 2008.”

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Hot list

Today: Hurricanes passing leaders. With a true freshman, Brad Kaaya, opening the season as starter, we wondered if any quarterback in UM history has led the team in passing yards four seasons. Answer: Kaaya would be the first. Here are the ones who have led three times:

Player Seasons Yards*
Jacory Harris 2009-11 7,631
Kyle Wright 2005-07 5,805
Ken Dorsey 2000-02 8,758
Ryan Clement 1995-97 5,984
E.J. Baker 1975-77 2,421
George Mira 1961-63 5,048
Jack Hackett 1949-51 1,458

*Combined passing yards for the three seasons the player led the team.