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Big weekend: Soccer! Racing! Almost forgot Dolphins

Three major South Florida weekend sporting events — the Brazil-Honduras soccer game, the NASCAR season finale at Homestead and the Dolphins-Chargers game — were expected to draw some 200,000 distinctly different spectators in an area too often mistaken as a bad sports town.

The soccer (a practice game, no less) and the race both were safe bets to easily outdraw the Dolphins, and Miami might be the only NFL city where that would happen.

I’m not sure, though, if that says more about our wonderfully diverse interests, or about the state of the local NFL team.

A Dolphins official I spoke with called it “embarrassing” that Sunday’s home crowd would be considerably less than the stadium held for exhibition soccer the night before.

I suggested our sagging football club try to capture some of the magic of Brazilian soccer by having Dolphins players compete Sunday wearing bright yellow and green jerseys and short pants.

There was no immediate indication my suggested uniform tweak had been taken seriously.

• Social media was abuzz that Dolphins quarterback

Ryan Tannehill

supposedly tips off defenders by shouting “go” for passes and “go-go” for runs. It could be worse. The old pre-snap cadence had him shouting, “Hey, I’m about to throw to Hartline in the right flat!”

• Anybody catch the interview Dolphins bully

Richie Incognito Icognito

gave to Fox Sports’

Jay Glazer

, the muscle-bound mixed-martial arts trainer? There was so much testosterone in the room that a woman working one of the cameras started growing facial hair.


Jose Fernandez

deservedly won National League Rookie of the Year. I called Jose “the only good thing about the Marlins last season.” Granted, it wasn’t the catchiest of nicknames.

• NHL Panthers lost nine in a row before giving new coach

Peter Horachek

his first win. Rebuilding Cats then dealt wing

Kris Versteeg

to Blackhawks. Congrats, Kris. You’ve been traded from purgatory to the playoffs.

• The Heat’s

Michael Beasley

, of the marijuana-checkered past, has a tattoo of and says he is inspired by

Bob Marley

. Things I Don’t Find Surprising, one in a series.


Michael Jordan

said his “unbeatable” pickup team would be himself,

Scottie Pippen


Magic Johnson


James Worthy


Hakeem Olajuwon

. Wonder how much Pippen and Worthy paid MJ to include them?

• Answer: The Thunder’s

Russell Westbrook

signed an endorsement deal that will have him modeling underwear. Question: What makes you say most athletes are money-obsessed?

• The Heat’s

Shane Battier

revealed his real surname was “Battle” but was changed because of incorrect spelling on his birth certificate. I hear the same thing happened to the suspended Dolphins guard, Richie Incogidiot.

• For those who don’t believe there have been a lot of NFL quarterback injuries lately, ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage

Scott Tolzien


Jeff Tuel


Matt McGloin



Miguel Cabrera

won another MVP award. He’s first ballot in the Ex-Marlins Hall of Fame.

Cleveland’s Terry Francona edged Boston’s John Farrell for American League Manager of the Year, even though Farrell made a last-place team world champs. Baseball writers explained they were drunk when voting.

Baseball’s expanded instant replay will give managers two challenges each, more if they are right. Red Sox-Yankees games will now last 3 1/2 days.

• The Atlanta Braves are leaving downtown for an outlying stadium in 2017 and will be known as the Atlanta Burbs.

• The uniform

Bill Mazeroski

wore hitting his famous home run to win the 1960 World Series sold at auction for $633,000. Sounds a bit pricey, unless about $600,000 was in one of the pockets.


George Brett

threatened bodily harm on an autograph seeker who’d approached him at least 35 times. So I promised to quit stalking him.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said he can’t “fathom” NBA teams tanking for higher draft positioning. I can’t fathom Coach K being unable to fathom that.

• Welcome back, college basketball. We’ll check back after the first of the year when the schedule gets interesting and conference games start.

• It was reported Florida State quarterback and Heisman candidate

Jameis Winston

was implicated in a 2012 sexual assault. I’d mention he was not and has not been charged, but that would be too fair.

• There are indications

Michael Phelps

might come out of retirement to swim in the Rio Olympics. “We haven’t made up our mind,” said advisor

Brett Favre


• Mike Tyson reveals in a new book he was high on drugs during several fights. Thus substantiating a long-held belief of mine that no man bites off another man’s ear while sober.

• We enter the time of year when baseball teams start making major trades and spending big on top free agents. In some cities they call this “the hot stove league.” In Miami we call it “nap time.”

That reminds me. Marlins radio broadcasts switch from 790 The Ticket to WINZ 940 next year. Fans who listen to Marlins games on radio are split. One said he liked the change, the other isn’t sure.

Deposed FAU football coach Carl Pelini, ousted for drug use, wants reinstatement. Says he never used drugs. Says his resignation was “forced.” Carl, your record was 5-15. Don’t push it.

• And in other college football news, the Florida Gators fired Will Muschamp. I’m kidding! No they haven’t. Yet. Just wanted to get used to what that will look like in print.

• A Bears fan, John Grant, 42, won a bet with his Packers-fan wife and got to shoot her in the buttocks with a taser. Police reported both had been drinking. Some things go without saying.

• Heart transplant recipient Kathy Ritvo of Davie became the first female trainer to win horse racing’s Breeders Cup when Mucho Macho Man won. Otherwise, not much special about her.

• Gold-medal sprinter Usain Bolt in a new memoir credits his success to consuming up to 100 McDonald’s chicken McNuggets per day. Finally, a diet I can relate to!

• The Key West World Championship of offshore powerboat racing ended, for those of you who enjoy following a sport not the least bit conducive to spectators.

• WMEN 640 AM fired local radio host Dan Sileo after he offered a bounty on an FSU football player. It is not yet determined what station will be the next to hire and then fire Sileo.


Parting thought:

A Japanese man,

Kenichi Ito

, broke the Guinness World Record for fastest 100-meter dash run on all fours. Two thoughts: 1) Guinness has WAY too many world records. 2) My dog could have run it faster.

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