Greg Cote

Think you’re a huge Dolfan? This man got married wearing a Dolphins helmet. Top that!

So you think you’re a huge Miami Dolphins fan? There may be a new definition for what defines a die-hard Dolfan. Although it may be open to interpretation whether the category is “biggest fan” or, perhaps, “weirdest fan.”

A Dolphins fan named Lee living in England (@LeeToplanding on Twitter, his avatar a closeup of Don Shula’s face) got married this past weekend while wearing a formal tuxedo -- traditional wedding attire but for the Dolphins helmet on his head. Yes, his vows were said through a facemask. His tie was as close to aqua as he could find. The small plastic couple atop the wedding cake also included a helmet-wearing groom.

“You know you have found the one,” wrote Lee, who lives 60 miles south of London, “when she buys you a Miami Dolphins helmet to wear at your wedding so you match your cake topper.”

Dolphins, get this guy free tickets or something. Seriously. Not sure if Lee should get all or even most of the superfan credit here, though. Far more remarkable than the groom’s dedication is the bride’s tolerance and sense of humor.