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Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush aren't the only interested buyer for the Miami Marlins, team president says

PHILADELPHIA — Miami Marlins president David Samson disputed a Forbes magazine report indicating that the list of interested bidders to purchase the team numbers just one — the Derek Jeter-Jeb Bush partnership.

Forbes on Tuesday reported that one prospective group being led by Tagg Romney, son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is out of the bidding for the Major League franchise.

“As with most things published by Forbes regarding the Miami Marlins, this most recent story is also inaccurate,” Samson said. “There are inaccuracies contained in each paragraph.”

Samson would not say how many interested buyers remain in the running.

According to Forbes, “there is only one group with real interest in buying the Miami Marlins and no one has submitted a formal ‘bid’ for the MLB team, despite reports to the contrary.”

The report went on to say that the Jeter-Bush group is currently “running around looking to raise money” and that the price for the Marlins “has already dropped by $400 million over just the past few months.”

Within the past few days, former big-league pitcher Tom Glavine told the Boston Globe he was working for the Romney group to lure investors.

“It’s been a lengthy process,” Glavine told the Globe in a story published Sunday. “I was contacted a couple of years ago by some people to ask whether I’d have an interest in doing something along these lines, and I certainly did.”

Glavine also said he felt “very good” about the Romney group bid.

Quogue Capital founder Wayne Rothbaum has also been mentioned as a prospective buyer for the team.