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Gase non-committal on Timmons’ future here, addresses other issues

Dolphins coach Adam Gase talks to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green during training camp at the Miami Dolphins training facility in Davie on July 30, 2017.
Dolphins coach Adam Gase talks to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green during training camp at the Miami Dolphins training facility in Davie on July 30, 2017.

Highlights from Adam Gase’s Monday news conference, a day after Miami’s 19-17 win at the Chargers:

• Two days after Lawrence Timmons went AWOL, forcing the Dolphins to file a missing person’s report, Dolphins coach Adam Gase declined to say Monday if he expects Timmons to remain with the team, let alone play next week at the Jets.

“Nothing to add, for what I have right now,” Gase said Monday afternoon when asked if Timmons is expected to remain with the organization. “Really just gathering a lot of information. I’ve got a few other things I have to deal with the guys who played yesterday.”

Timmons didn’t play Sunday after leaving the team Saturday night without permission.

Gase said Monday he hasn’t talked to Timmons and has “no idea” if he was in the Dolphins’ facility.

Gase was asked if he has a lot of rules. “Be on time and play hard. I don’t know if that’s real hard.”

What’s your tolerance level when those rules are broken?

“What do you think?” Gase answered. “You’ve got two rules. It’s not hard.”

Asked what it was like having just four linebackers available Sunday, he said: “We’ve had a lot worse situations in other positions before. We are used to adjusting. It’s not a big deal for us.”

Timmons is doing better and wants to play Sunday. The Dolphins filed a missing person’s report with several Southern California police departments when they couldn’t find him Sunday. TMZ said police found him at Los Angeles International Airport, where he waiting to board a flight to Pennsylvania to see his baby and the baby’s mother.

More from Gase:

• On the linebacker outlook heading into the next game, Gase said: “They did a pretty good job. They did what they were asked to do, made a lot of tackles between the three of them [Kiko Alonso, Mike Hull, Chase Allen]. We will kind of figure that out over the next few days what we’re going to do, kind of how we are going to play. If we’ve got to make some adjustments for what we want to do versus certain personnel groups.’

• On Hull, who played every snap: “What’s he done since he got here and every time he plays in the game - he just knows how to play football. He has a knack for finding the ball. He anticipates better than a lot of guys. He can kind of see things different. Any time, a misdirection play, he never falls for it. He’s always going the way the ball-carrier is going. One step ahead of most guys with anticipating run plays or pass plays.”

• On Chase Allen: “I thought he did a great job.”

• On his own play-calling, which seemed more aggressive in the second half: “I felt a little off rhythm in that second quarter. I felt I was holding our guys back. That third quarter, I put it on getting Jay Ajayi the ball, let the receivers win one on one opportunities. We really didn’t get opportunities we wanted with Julius [Thomas] because of what they were playing, and letting Jay [Cutler] make plays with his feet, scrambling.

“Those guys really took over that game. We kept it fairly simple. They won won their one-on-one matchups. That really changed a lot of it for us.”

• On calling a timeout before a 3rd and 2 with 10 seconds left, before the Chargers’ missed field goal: “We were trying to leave enough time where if he made it, we could run another play. [Chargers quarterback] Phillip [Rivers] was stopping all those guys trying to run off the field. He was going to clock it with two seconds left. We tried to call it with 12 seconds left, we got 10. So if he kicks it and makes it, we got a chance to maybe running around, throw the ball around to get something going.”

• On Cutler: “Jay did a good job. He executed what we asked him to do. Threw the ball well, made some great plays off schedule. Those guys are learning each other. He keeps everything calm, doesn’t get too high or too low. I know he wishes he had that one throw back to Jarvis in the red zone. Just a little bit off on that one. I know we were excited about having an opportunity to run that one. That was something we had been working on. We had that up in 2015. First time I called it. That would have been a great one to have. We still got points out of it.

“I thought [Cutler] did well, though. That throw to [DeVante Parker off a scramble] was a great play. When we start breaking down, we’re finding guys now.”

• On his run defense, which limited the Chargers to 3.1 yards per carry: “I thought we had very few missed tackles. The entire defense did a good job playing off each other. We had one that kind of got us for a longer run. For the most part, everybody was in the right gaps, playing fast, a lot of gain tackling. A lot of guys were around the ball, collapsing everything. Really good to see.”

• On the secondary: “It’s a tough matchup. Phillip, the Denver game and our game, those are two of the better games I’ve seen him play the past couple years. He took our rush away by the way he was finding guys open quick. We keep trying to get tighter and tighter in coverage. He has playmakers. They are going to win some battles and get open. We just have to keep trying to find ways to get our hands on guys and be as tight as we can early so than rush can get home, make him get off the first progression.”

• On Byron Maxwell playing all the defensive snaps and Alterraun Verner playing none: “They both had a good week of practice. Byron was a good matchup for us.We felt like he matched up against those guys well. We like him to get his hands on those guys and try to grapple with them a little bit. We’ll keep working on getting better at certain aspects of how we want to play defense.”

• Gase said he went into yesterday planning to play both Anthony Steen and Jesse Davis at left guard. Steen played 46 snaps, Davis 22.

“I thought both of them did well. They’re not making it easy on us to make any kind of decision longterm. Leaving competition like that is a good thing.”

• Gase said Cody Parkey was “was the guy we were going to target” on Labor Day weekend if the Browns released him, which they did.

“We had a list of guys. [Special teams coordinator] Darren Rizzi did a good guy building cases for where Andrew Frank was compared to other guys. We felt this was a guy that really would help us. He helped us out yesterday, I know that” - with a game-winning 54 yarder and four field goals overall.

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