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Heat, cheered by fans in New York, can set two records on Friday

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A six pack of Heat notes on a Thursday morning:

• The Heat can set two NBA records if its beats New York on Friday. Miami will be making its third attempt to become the first team to get back to .500 after being 19 games under.

Also, the Heat can set the record for most wins (38) by a team that was at least 19 games under .500 during that season, a record it now shares with the 2013-14 Knicks.

• Hassan Whiteside had an unintentionally amusing quote when asked about Friday’s second half of a home-and-home series.

“You can’t overlook the Knicks,” he said. “They got an All-Star in Carmelo Anthony, a bunch of young guys, they’re coached and they’re still an NBA team. We can’t come in and write it off, they’re not going to give it to us.”’

• Actually, they’re a poor excuse for an NBA team, with New York now 28-47 this season and 77-162 in Phil Jackson’s tenure as Knicks president of basketball operations. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News ripped Jackson in this piece this morning while comparing Jackson’s tenure to Pat Riley’s.

Carmelo Anthony took only two shots in the first half, saying afterward: “It doesn’t do me any good, doesn’t do the team any good.”

Asked about his low shot total on a 9-point, 4 for 12 night, Anthony said: “I don’t even know my role. I don’t even know my role, to be honest.”

Incidentally, a “let’s go Heat” chant broke out in the final minutes of Miami’s 105-88 win at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

• Forward Okaro White gave the Heat good work on Wednesday (seven points, five rebounds), and Erik Spoelstra said afterward that he probably should have inserted White in the first half of a few games recently.

“Okaro brings us that consistently,” Spoelstra said, praising the “spark of energy” he provides.

White has played in seven of Miami’s past 11 games, and his 20 minutes Wednesday were his most since March 6 against Cleveland.

• Among the many oddities of this season, as pointed out by NBC 6’s Adam Kuperstein: The seventh seeded Heat has been much better in the second half of the season than the Cavs, who are competing with Boston for the No. 1 seed.

Miami is 26-8 since the halfway point, Cleveland 17-15.

• It seems like Goran Dragic is able to draw a foul on a three-point attempt in most every game, but he’s still a long way away from league leader James Harden in that category.

According to Elias, here are the NBA’s top five players this season in drawing fouls on three-point attempts:

James Harden 114

Lou Williams 51

Kyle Lowry 30

Goran Dragic 28

Damian Lillard 27

Here’s a look at several people who have done good work in extracting more from Hassan Whiteside, and a look at what Udonis Haslem tells Whiteside before games.