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Miami Dolphins lauded by NFL TV analysts

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase coaches from the sidelines in the second quarter as the Miami Dolphins host the Tennessee Titans at Hard Rock Stadium on Thurs., Sept. 1, 2016.
Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase coaches from the sidelines in the second quarter as the Miami Dolphins host the Tennessee Titans at Hard Rock Stadium on Thurs., Sept. 1, 2016.

A six-pack of Dolphins notes on a Tuesday:

• CBS analysts had plenty to say about the Dolphins on this week’s edition of NFL Monday QB on CBS Sports Net:

Rich Gannon: “I can’t believe they won four in a row. They have this quarterback whisperer down there in Adam Gase who has done a terrific job with the likes of Peyton Manning… [and] a marvelous job with Jay Cutler. I think you are seeing the fruits of his labor with Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill is making better decisions… He’s much more comfortable in the pocket.”

Steve Beuerlein: “They have the right coach there for him with Adam Gase… He’s a tough guy who wants to be successful. He can make all the throws. He’s going to get better each week. I believe he is going to get better and is going to be a pretty darn good quarterback under Adam Gase for a lot of years.”

Chris Simms: “Tannehill has great physical ability… What has really happened in Miami? The offensive line is healthy. They have a run game. They have a healthy Devante Parker to throw to. He finally has a chance to succeed and he’s showing you that he can do it.”

• Adam Gase, on the problems his defensive backs have been having with holding and pass interference calls: "I think we've just got to do a better job as far as when we're in coverage, we just have to do the best job we can to not be as 'hands-y' as what we've been, and we have to trust our technique a lot of the times. I think if we do that, that's going to help us.

“I think it's tough sometimes when you're playing a couple of the guys that we went against yesterday who were very savvy with their route-running and a quarterback that throws the ball very early a lot of the time to where you turn around and all of a sudden the ball's on the receiver. You guys saw a couple of times where he throws a stop route, the ball's in the air, the receivers are not even close to turning around. So it makes it tough sometimes when you go against a good quarterback that has really good timing. So we'll make some strides there.”

• Gase on Tannehill’s toughness: "I think what he does is rare. You don't see too many guys taking some of the shots he takes and bounce back up. He's as tough as they come. To be able to regroup and stand in there again, it has been really amazing to watch. The throw he made to Kenny (Stills) yesterday, I have no idea how he completed that, because I don't know how he saw him, for one. And then he put it ... Kenny never breaks stride. The pass he threw to DeVante (Parker) there with three minutes left, he never even saw him."

• Gase, on Earl Mitchell’s strong debut Sunday: "I think for the most part he did a good job. I know the one thing we could count on was just the energy level. I think a lot of us were just surprised at the fact that his conditioning was really, really, really good. Guys are out there playing with banged up bodies, heavy legs and it's like getting a brand new player out there flying around, completely healthy."

• Gase, on Ryan Tannehill going four games without a turnover: “I think he's done a good job of decision making. We really feel like we're in a decent group as far as what we're doing from week to week. Receivers and him are on the same page, along with the tight ends. I think the protection, you know the line has done a really good job as far as keeping him fairly protected. I know he takes some shots but there are a couple of times where he knows he's going to get hit because he's holding onto it. He's trying to take a shot down the field. But for the most part, I think they've gotten into a pretty good groove. They're playing well together right now."

• The Dolphins topped 20 points only three times all of last season. They’ve done it all four games of this winning streak: 30, 28, 27, 31.

They’re up to 22.7 points per game, which is 19th in the league.

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