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Cameron Wake, nearing 100 sacks, is at peace with career — even without team success

Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake was 96 1/2 sacks in 10 seasons. But he also has zero playoff victories.
Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake was 96 1/2 sacks in 10 seasons. But he also has zero playoff victories.

Cameron Wake has five games to get to 100.

Wake, in his 10th NFL season, has 96 1/2 sacks.

If he gets those final 3 1/2, Wake will become just the 33rd player in NFL history to break the century mark.

“Right now, it’s not going to mean much,” Wake told reporters Friday. “At the end of February after we win the Super Bowl, it’ll be something that I’ll probably take time to look back on and kind of reminisce. During the season, I just take it day by day. Sacks don’t really mean as much as far as numbers; but when the season is over, that’s my time to kind of reminisce back on the year, the accolades, the numbers and things like that. It’ll be something that I can probably enjoy later on down the line; but for now, it’s just another sack.”

If Wake can get to 100 this year, it will mean he had another solid statistical season. Advanced metric types believe his play is far better than what his stats suggest, but if he has hopes to someday make the Hall of Fame, Wake will need to fill out his resume.

But one important aspect of his career remains incomplete: Team success.

The Dolphins have had just one winning season and playoff appearance since he entered the league in 2009.

And he’s in danger of ending up with the same legacy as his mentor Jason Taylor: Incredible individual talent who didn’t win enough games.

“I hope not,” Wake said of that possibly being his lasting reputation. “You kind of have to do the same thing season to season, year to year. Every year, reset, work as hard as you can to do your job, do whatever you can to help everyone do theirs and be confident that the other guys are going to do their job as well, and the season will go hopefully in a positive direction.”

Still, the losing has to be frustrating, considering you have been so good for so long, right?

“Every time you don’t get where you were supposed to get, whether it’s play by play or season by season, it’s frustrating,” Wake said. “But the old adage is you control what you can control. If you do everything you possibly can and I can go home at night and look at myself in the mirror and say ‘did you do what you were supposed to do to the best of your ability?’”

Wake continued: “If I can look myself in the mirror, look my peers in the mirror, look at my teammates, coaches, loved ones, I could live with that for the rest of my life. The hard part is when you didn’t do this, should’ve done that, should’ve went to sleep, should’ve woke up — all the should’ve, could’ve would’ves — that will burn you forever. So far to this day, I can look myself in the mirror knowing that I gave everything I got. I came from where I came from, reached this point. As of now, I’m completely able to look at my production.”

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