Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins to send Baltimore seventh-round pick to complete Bryant McKinnie deal

The Dolphins' half-season rental of Bryant McKinnie ended up being a plus for both sides of the trade.

Miami got a starting left tackle for 10 games — which it sorely needed after Jonathan Martin left the team.

And the Baltimore Ravens will have an additional seventh-round pick in this spring’s NFL Draft.

Miami will send its final-round pick to Baltimore, fulfilling its end of the bargain in the conditional deal, the Miami Herald has learned.

That left the Dolphins with six picks in the May draft — as of now. They will learn what compensatory picks they will receive during the annual owners’ meetings here next week.

Although the league does not make the formula for compensatory picks public, it is based on what a team gained and lost in free agency the year before.

The Dolphins lost a slew of free agents in 2013 — Reggie Bush, Jake Long, Sean Smith and Karlos Dansby, to name a few. But they also spent tens of millions of dollars in guaranteed money to lure Mike Wallace, Brent Grimes and Dannelle Ellerbe, among others.

The Dolphins received two compensatory picks last year, used on kicker Caleb Sturgis and defensive back Don Jones.

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