Miami Dolphins

South Florida loses out in another Super Bowl effort, this time for Super Bowl 52

The NFL has passed on Miami yet again, leading some to wonder: When exactly will the Super Bowl return to South Florida?

The league named Indianapolis, Minnesota and New Orleans as the three finalists to host Super Bowl 52 in 2018 on Tuesday, rebuffing efforts by the Dolphins to bring the game back here for a record 11th time.

Florida was shut out completely, as Tampa was also told, “Thanks, but no thanks,” by the NFL.

“We’re obviously disappointed that our effort to bring the Super Bowl back to South Florida wasn’t successful,” said Tom Garfinkel, Miami Dolphins president and CEO. “We’ve had 10 Super Bowls here because it’s an ideal market to host big events, but we’re now facing more intense competition from multiple modernized facilities. We will continue to work hard to attract big events — and their corresponding economic impact and job creation — to the state of Florida.”

Tuesday’s decision comes just months after Miami lost out to San Francisco and Houston to host the game in either 2016 or 2017. The reason: the league views Sun Life Stadium as antiquated and in dire need of significant renovations.

“This nonvote in my opinion has a resounding effect,” said Rodney Barreto, who heads the area’s Super Bowl host committee. “This is eight years [without a Super Bowl]. Now, who knows? When ’19 comes up, do we get invited or not?”

Barreto then made the first of what will certainly be many renewed sales pitches of a stadium bill for tax dollars to renovate the 27-year-old facility.

“Hopefully we can convince enough people to let the voters decide,” Barreto said. “I think time, and hopefully a winning team, will change things.”

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