Miami Dolphins

Child-abuse charges against former Miami Dolphin Mark Duper are dropped

Duval County prosecutors have dropped child-abuse charges against former Miami Dolphins receiver Mark Duper, an arrest that stemmed from a March incident with his 17-year-old son.

Duper, 54, stood accused of punching, body-slamming and choking his minor son, and rendering him unconscious. However, prosecutors in Jacksonville did not believe the facts of the case warranted taking it to trial.

“The events described in Mark’s arrest report are grossly exaggerated,” said George Cholakis, Duper’s attorney. “Mark Duper did not commit a crime, any crime, on March 19, 2013.”

Cholakis pointed out how it was Duper himself who called the police to report what was happening, as it was happening, and how the responding officer did not believe a crime had been committed.

It was only after the minor son contacted police the next day and gave an inaccurate portrayal of the events that an arrest was made, Cholakis said.

“If Mark’s arrest brings attention to the problems and issues facing trouble and at-risk youth, then he and his wife, Carolyn, will feel their distress has resulted in something positive,” Cholakis said.

Duper played 11 seasons with the Dolphins in the Dan Marino years, teaming with fellow receiver Mark Clayton to make up the “Marks Brothers.” He caught 511 passes for 8,869 yards and 59 touchdowns in his NFL career, earning a spot on the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll.