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Miami Dolphins' Brandon Marshall's alleged history of domestic violence

When Brandon Marshall joined the Miami Dolphins in 2010, he had a string of scrapes with the law in three states, repeated domestic disputes, contract squabbles, and petulant behavior during three years with the Denver Broncos.

Although he has not done any jail time, and charges were either never filed or dropped in the domestic abuse incidents, he arrived in Miami with a tarnished image.

"From the time I was 6, I was taught to react on the field, not to think, to make decisions in a millisecond, and the problem is, I was doing that in my life, too, " Marshall said during an interview in 2010. "I was reacting, never taking a moment to step back and think things through. And I had a temper. Someone made me mad, I'd fight back. I wanted to win every argument. Now, I realize it's OK to step away and lose an argument."

After getting married to Michi Nogami in 2010, Marshall said she, a psychology major, was helping him cope with his quick temper.

"She is turning my life around. I am a very passionate, emotional person, and she is teaching me to channel that. My life is so much calmer now," he said in 2010.

But on Saturday morning, Nogami had been arrested for stabbing him.

She is not the first woman in his life to stab him. His then girlfriend and high-school sweet heart Rasheedah Watley said in an ESPN interview that she had used a knife to defend herself in 2007.

Watley said the violence started in 2006 when he tried to choke her. She failed to report most of the incidents and never pressed charges.

"I loved him. I had known him since the eighth grade and we just always had like these like fairy tale plans," said Watley in the documentary. "I just always thought, I could take it, and after a while it started to make me, I guess tough, and just angry, to where I would start to you know, if he hit me, you know I am punching and kicking and fighting back."

Watley said the violence escalated. One night in 2007, she used a kitchen knife to defend herself but Marshall ended up cutting her in the right thigh. But this didn't break the couple off.

Here is what followed:

March 27, 2007: Arrested on suspicion of domestic violence following an argument with his girlfriend, Rasheeda Watley. Charges are dismissed when Marshall completes anger management classes.

March 1, 2009: Marshall and Michi Nogami-Campbell are arrested and booked on disorderly conduct charges after, according to a police report, officers saw them engage in a physical fight outside Marshall's Atlanta condominium. The next day, charges were dropped. Summer 2009: Asked for a trade after Denver refuses to renegotiate his contract. Suspended by Denver for the last two preseason games for "conduct detrimental to the team" after goofing around during practice. The injured Marshall admitted using poor judgment, but said he was frustrated by several team actions, including, he said, misdiagnosing an injury that required off-season surgery.

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