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Landry wants a new deal. Dolphins want to see improvement. Thursday was a good day for both.

Jarvis Landry had a standout practice Thursday, and Dolphins coaches noticed.
Jarvis Landry had a standout practice Thursday, and Dolphins coaches noticed.

Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry had a great practice Thursday. How do we know? Because Adam Gase told us -- both during and after.

During an 11-on-11 practice rep midway through Thursday’s OTAs, Gase shouted something to the effect of “Great job Jarvis!” even though Landry wasn’t even Ryan Tannehill’s target on the successful pass play.

This might seem like a small thing to the uninitiated. But it wasn’t. The Dolphins have been telling Landry that they need to see him “Zero In” on the small details that kept the Dolphins offense from truly clicking last year.

That might be the only thing standing between Landry and the big-money contract he eagerly wants. Landry has been a good soldier this offseason, refusing to hold out despite his uncertain future in Miami.

He knows the way to get that contract is to do the right thing, each and every day.

No question, Landry did the right thing Thursday.

“I think the entire spring, he has really done a great job with the consistency of the way he has practiced,” Gase told reporters after practice. “Today, he got some really good opportunities. It was one of those practices where the ball kept finding him. We were getting some right coverages for some of the plays that we had — we were running in practice — and he did a great job. He made the plays.

Gase continued: “He got himself open and made some tough catches. He was doing all the little tiny details that would make him to where if he was just a little bit open, he really did a good job of getting himself wide open. When he’s rolling like he was today, you just keep trying to find ways to get him the ball.”

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