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Could Brad Kaaya fall all the way to the sixth round? One former scout says yes

Brad Kaaya looked great in his final collegiate game, but it might not be enough to keep him out of the draft’s late rounds.
Brad Kaaya looked great in his final collegiate game, but it might not be enough to keep him out of the draft’s late rounds.

Did Brad Kaaya make a mistake by skipping his senior season at Miami?

We won’t know until draft weekend, but at least one former NFL scout hasn’t been blown away by what he’s seen on tape.

“Kaaya has firm base & he's accurate when in clean pocket,” NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “He really struggles when forced off his spot. Lacks twitch. Very monotone.”

Jeremiah did his homework. Over the past few days, he studied every third-and-long throw and every interception made by this year’s top quarterback prospects.

When asked by the Miami Herald if Kaaya is a third-round pick, as others have suggested, Jeremiah responded:

“Too early for me...I guess he could go there. I'd be more in the 5th/6th camp.”

If Kaaya does indeed fall to the draft’s penultimate round, it’s hard to see how he wouldn’t have benefited from one more year in Coral Gables.

When Kaaaya declared last month, he called the decision “one of the toughest” of his life

However, the warning signs were there months before he made the jump to the NFL.

The Miami Herald reported in October that talent evaluators believed he wasn’t yet ready for the pros.

“He shouldn’t come out [to the NFL after this season] because he’s not good enough,” one NFC scout told Herald sportswriter Barry Jackson at the time. “No mobility, average arm, can’t run for a first down. I’ve been watching him for three years. I must miss something when people say he’s a top 10 pick. What has he done? For some reason, Mel Kiper had him hyped up. Just an average player.”

Kiper, ESPN’s draftnik, said in January that he now believes Kaaya is a third or fourth-round pick, but it’s clear that even that is no sure thing.

Much will depend on how Kaaya performs at next week’s NFL Scouting Combine, during private team visits in March and April and at UM’s Pro Day on March 29.

“Biggest challenge evaluating QBs on this side of things--Don't get enough knowledge about personality/passion/work ethic. Huge factors!” Jeremiah added on Twitter.

“The consistently great QBs at the NFL level have one thing in common--they are preparation maniacs. Can't get enough. It consumes them.”

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