Miami Dolphins

Dolphins’ playoff loss tough for you to watch? Imagine being Mike Pouncey.

Pittsburgh was cold for everyone Sunday, but especially Mike Pouncey.
Pittsburgh was cold for everyone Sunday, but especially Mike Pouncey.

Mike Pouncey on Sunday had to watch his team -- and his twin brother -- do something Sunday he's always wanted: Appear in a playoff game.

Pouncey, who missed all but five games this with recurring hip injuries, traveled with the team to Pittsburgh and was merely a spectator for his Dolphins’ demolition.

Twin Maurkice Pouncey, meanwhile, started for the Steelers and helped Pittsburgh rush for 179 yards and two touchdowns.

“It was tough to watch, but I was excited to be out there,” Mike Pouncey said. “The atmosphere was unbelievable to be down there on the football field. I just wish these guys could have pulled it out, but it was tough loss for our football field.”

Pouncey reiterated that he’s “healthy” and “ready to go,” despite finishing the season on injured reserve. Adam Gase decided to shut the Dolphins’ star center down because Pouncey could have jeopardized his career by playing again this year.

Pouncey had earlier said that missing a Dolphins playoff game would be “a nightmare” -- this is the first time the Dolphins have qualified for the postseason since drafting him -- but he’s clearly proud of what his teammates accomplished in 2016.

“No one gave us a chance,” Pouncey said. “We prevailed and proved people wrong. Obviously, we had a lot of injuries this year but this team just kept pushing forward. It was the next man up mentality. Obviously, today didn't go the way we wanted it to.”

When asked if he expects to be back in the playoffs a year from now, Pouncey responded: “We'll see. We don't want to make any expectations at this time, but obviously we feel good about our football team.”

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