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Rizzi on Arians’ claim the Dolphins cheated: Wrong and offensive

Chandler Catanzaro had a no good, very bad day in Miami Gardens.
Chandler Catanzaro had a no good, very bad day in Miami Gardens. AP

Darren Rizzi ripped and ridiculed Cardinals coach Bruce Arians’ assertion Tuesday that the Dolphins illegally called out a snap count on one of Chandler Catanzaro’s three missed kicks.

“I can tell you that we didn't we didn't do anything illegal, so I'm kind of taken back by it, and quite frankly, a little bit offended by it, because it's kind of accusing us of cheating, really, to be honest with you,” said Rizzi, the Dolphins’ special teams coordinator. “I was a little bit offended by it.”

Arians made the allegation on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio late Tuesday.

“We had a situation where somebody yelled out a snap count and we snapped an extra point early and missed the first extra point,” Arians said, adding that he is submitting the perceived infraction to the league.

Rizzi said that was categorically false, and then dug in the knife.

“To be honest with you, I don't know which of the three he was talking about, because [Cantazaro] missed three,” Rizzi said. “The very first one, they had three guys jump offsides, so the play really should have been shut down by the officials. Go back and watch the play -- their long snapper, left guard and left tackle all moved and they really should have shut the play down, so I don't know if that got their rhythm off.”

Arians has had plenty of reasons why the Cardinals lost the Dolphins Sunday, but none as jaw-dropping than this post-game:

He found “kind of odd” that the skies only dumped rain when Arizona had the ball.

Rizzi wouldn’t let that pass either in his weekly news conference.

“We did our normal field-goal block procedure, so I was a little taken back by it,” Rizzi said. “Other than me making it rain when they had the ball, there was nothing we did that was illegal.”

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