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Four-time Pro Bowler Arian Foster: I’ve never met my goals

Arian Foster wants you to know that he’s very much alive, thank you very much.

“I wasn’t dead, you know what I mean?” Foster said. “I had an injury. I’ve bounced back before.”

Here’s the context: Foster tore his Achilles during the 2015 season. That, along with turning 30 last month, has some wondering if he’d ever be the same player again.

So when Foster was named the Dolphins’ Week 1 starter over Jay Ajayi, some might think it cause for celebration.

Foster isn’t one of them.

“It was never like a goal,” Foster said Tuesday. “I didn’t really think too much of it. You really can’t in this league. I ‘ve seen guys be at the top of depth charts at the end of training camp and then they bring somebody else in. It’s just part of the business, so you have to just focus on being the best player you can be. I know it’s kind of cliché, but it’s the truth.”

That’s not to say Foster doesn’t have goals. He does -- much bigger ones than simply starting the opener.

And while he wouldn’t share them with reporters, there’s no doubt that he dreams big.

Foster has rushed for 1,200 or more yards four times in his career, and yet “I haven’t met my goal yet.”

As for that reconstructed Achilles, Foster had a good idea back in the spring that he’d be able to come back from it.

“I didn’t feel like I was quote-unquote supposed to feel at age 30 as a running back,” Foster added. “You hear all the geniuses that say that’s what’s supposed to happen at 30, but I feel like if you take care of your body and you train like I train, you should be able to do good things.”

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