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Chris Bosh on Snapchat: “Yes, I'm hooping. Absolutely. I'm a hooper.”

Miami Heat team president Pat Riley talks about the Chris Bosh situation going forward

Miami Heat team president Pat Riley talks about the recently completed season and the team's plans for free agency on Wed., May 18, 2016
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Miami Heat team president Pat Riley talks about the recently completed season and the team's plans for free agency on Wed., May 18, 2016

The Miami Heat still is not ready to discuss the state of Chris Bosh's health or if he'll be ready for the start of training camp on Sept. 27.

But Bosh at least is providing indications he's ready to resume his playing career following a second bout with blood clots last season.

On Monday, the 11-time All-Star posted videos of himself running through basketball drills on his Snapchat account.

He also had a message for his fans: “I know I've been gone for a moment, but now I'm back,” Bosh said in one of the clips. “Everybody is always asking me if I'm hooping. Yes, I'm hooping. Absolutely. I'm a hooper.”

Bosh’s wife, Adrienne, wrote on her Instagram account Monday that her husband has been “working day in and day out” for over a month.

Bosh, 32, has missed the second half of each of the last two seasons after developing blood clots in his legs. While several teammates have said this summer they expect Bosh to return to the court this coming season, the Heat as an organization has not provided any guarantee.

Monday, when asked again about Bosh, a team spokesman told the Miami Herald: “Sorry, no update yet.”

A source told The Miami Herald on Monday Bosh believes he should be cleared to return. The Heat has maintained it would like to find a way for Bosh to play and disputes any notion it is trying to clear him off the team's salary cap.

Last month when team president Pat Riley was asked about when the team might be ready to provide an update on Bosh, Riley responded: “I think we should just wait until August, September. I think we'll have a lot more information then.”

Heat owner Micky Arison posted an open letter to the team's fans earlier this month that included Bosh in it. Coach Erik Spoelstra, however, has not mentioned Bosh by name in any of the videos the team has released when Spoelstra has discussed the upcoming season.

Videos on Bosh's Snapchat account Monday showed him working through mid-range and three-point shooting drills as well as a few dribbling exercises.

Several teammates have been voluntarily working out at AmericanAirlines Arena for a couple months. Bosh hasn't appeared in any videos the Heat has posted on social media from those workouts.

The primary concern with Bosh, who is still due $76 million over the next three years, is whether or not he can return to contact situations on blood thinning medication. There's a chance if Bosh returns to the court with the Heat he could be limited in both travel and overall workload.

“I think all those things will come in to play and there'll be a discussion,” Riley said last month. “There are many players in different sports that do play with that condition, and they're on and off programs on blood thinners and stuff. But I think when it comes down to a final protocol, or if it gets to a formula in how this has to be done, then that's what we'll deal with.”

Bosh hasn't played since Feb. 9. The only way the Heat could petition the league for salary cap relief is if Bosh doesn't play for a full calendar year and if an independent doctor jointly selected by the players association and the league determines Bosh cannot medically continue his career.