Miami Heat

LeBron James gives warm, wet kiss to Miami in new Nike ad

These days Miami Heat fans apply microscopic scrutiny to every utterance and action of their hero, LeBron James.

There’s a reason for it: He has an unsettling little clause in his $110-million deal with the team that would allow him to tear up his contract and walk away at the end of this season.

The question — will he or won’t he? — started about a day after he got here in 2010. Despite back to back NBA championships, a few agents provocateurs in the national media continue asking it, louder and louder.

Now, LeBronologists have a new, key piece of evidence to study.

During the highly anticipated season opener against the Chicago Bulls Tuesday night, Nike debuted a two-minute commercial starring LeBron that sure looks like a big wet kiss to South Florida.

Called Training Day, it shows what appears to be approximately 97.4 percent of Miami following along behind James as he runs, bikes, and swims from his Coconut Grove mansion to practice at the AmericanAirlines Arena.

The scenes flash by so quickly it’s difficult to say exactly what neighborhoods they traverse, but you see him make his round-about way through The Roads, what’s either Little Havana or Allapattah, Overtown, across the MacArthur Causeway, and down Washington Avenue on South Beach.

He even stops for a pickup basketball game in what sure seems to be Wainwright Park just off Brickell Avenue.

Of course, this was a product intended to sell expensive sneakers, not necessarily deliver a hidden messages about James’ future.

Still, it’s the sort of spectacle that suggests he just might like to stick around Miami for a few more seasons.

So, Cleveland: What do you have to say to that?