Miami Heat

LeBron James, Miami bikini model get texty

A small-time Miami model who once helped ex-Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush get over Kim Kardashian has sparked a mini-scandal involving the soon-to-be-married LeBron James.

It seems bikini model Carmen Ortega lost her cell phone recently, and the alleged finder leaked a series of text messages between her and the Miami Heat superstar to several websites.

Remember now: James is supposed to marry his high school sweetheart, and the mother of his two children, sometime in mid-September.

Ortega confirmed to the gossip website that the text messages were indeed from, and to, James.

And they include a mysterious set from mid-July in which he was asking to see her in Los Angeles.

Ortega says she only had dinner with James — but that he wasn’t completely forthcoming about his engagement to high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson — reportedly texting to Ortega that she shouldn't believe everything she reads (about his upcoming nuptials).

James responded to Ortega’s allegations by tweeting the photo of a statement that reads: “Whenever you’re happy and in a great place in anything, someone or something will try to put a virus in it to make it all unravel.”

Dueling marches

While a fringe Muslim group is planning a Million Muslim March on Washington on Sept. 11, motorcycle groups nationwide are planning a Two Million Bikers March, also in D.C., also on Sept. 11.

And at slightly more than a week old, the grassroots bikers’ movement is taking a life of its own here.

Take immigration lawyer Gabriel Carrera.

Carrera, of Fort Lauderdale, actually convinced a judge to postpone a client’s family court hearing because it coincided with Carrera’s trip up I-95 to the nation’s capital on a chopper with a giant Stars-and-Stripes attached to the back.

“We’re riding to tell everybody of the love for our country and constitution,” Carrera says.

Real estate news

Rapper Timbaland is unloading his Miami Beach condo for $5.5 million.

The three-bedroom digs at the fancy South of Fifth highrise Murano Grande at Portofino are on the 24th floor and offer great views of Biscayne Bay and the ocean.

The singer of The Way I Are is obviously trying to make a buck or two: He bought in 2006 for $2.65 million.

While his handlers say Timbaland is bailing out because he's not using the condo, public records show he tangled with condo commandos in court when he allegedly owed $27,000 in unpaid maintenance fees.

And now the news

The most interesting thing so far about new WFOR-Channel 4 star anchorman Rick Folbaum isn't just that he was plucked from ultra-conservative Fox News Channel.

It's his wife and mother of their five kids, Kelcey Kintner, a former TV anchor who runs the mommy blog

The site’s great for child-rearing pointers. It’s even better for stories about Folbaum’s family that’ll drive the PR types at CBS4 berserk.

Since they arrived at their new home, Kintner has written about breastfeeding her little one, Cash, in the aisles of a supermarket.

And then there was this: She let the cat out of the bag about her husband moving to a new gig before many at CBS4 knew, and noted one of her children’s dislike for her new school in Broward because “it smells like fish.”

The station's publicist didn’t comment about the blog.