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Greg Cote: LeBron James on such a roll, wonder if he can broker peace in Middle East?

We all know that LeBron James’ nickname is “King” James.

Sorry. No longer good enough. Falls short. Does not properly reflect his omnipotence.

I’d suggest “God,” but I hear that’s already taken.

Sunday happens to be Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, and to many he remains the greatest basketball player ever, but enough with Jordan already! Sorry, Mike, but you never had the all-around game that is in full blossom with LeBron right now.

These are heady days for Miami basketball. We have the best player, and we also have the best teams. Note the plural there.

It is deliciously arguable which Big 3 is more impressive right now:

The Heat’s LeBron/ Dwyane Wade/ Chris Bosh triumvirate — all starters in Sunday’s All-Star Game in Houston — gunning for a second consecutive NBA championship. Or the Miami Hurricane men’s big No. 3 national poll ranking, best by far in school history on the wing of an unbeaten record in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Down here it all starts, though, with LeBron — the best, and getting better.

I honestly believe there is nothing LeBron can’t do, with the possible exceptions of brokering permanent peace in the Middle East or making Marlins fans like Jeffrey Loria.

And I’d give him half a shot with the peace thing.

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