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Let’s get tropical: Miami All-Star Game gear reflects its South Florida setting

The All-Star Game patch worn by the Miami Marlins this season.
The All-Star Game patch worn by the Miami Marlins this season. @GeorgeRichards

The Miami Marlins are gearing up for hosting the midseason classic — Major League Baseball’s All-Star festivities — in a big way.

Not only is the team showing off with All-Star game patches on their jerseys and ASG logos on the side of their caps, but gear is rolling into the team store in Little Havana at a quickened pace.

Earlier this week, Yahoo! Sports unveiled a number of special looks from MLB which will be used throughout the season — including the on-field All-Star gear.

For the first two days of the All-Star celebration — there will be the Futures Game and celebrity softball game at Marlins Pakr on Sunday, July 9, and the popular home run derby on Monday, July 10 — players and others will wear uniforms which look like they could belong to the Marlins.

National League players will wear orange jerseys with National written across the front, the second ‘A’ repesented by the star from the ASG logo.

American League players will wear a teal-looking jersey which looks more at home at Joe Robbie Stadium in the days of the old Florida Marlins. The second ‘A’ in American is also the ASG star.

One sleeve will have the logo of the player’s team on it; the other will be the Marlins’ ASG logo.

Caps for the first two days will also have a Miami feel to them as all teams will have black caps with their specific team logo in orange (so, nothing special for the Mets or Orioles but it’ll be a different look for the Yankees and Dodgers), the ASG logo on the side.

The inside of the bill will also have a tropical print.

For the All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 11, players will wear their usual game uniforms with some unique touches. Caps will be of a different look with gold logos and ASG patch.

Socks worn by players will also have a Miami feel to them with flowers and palm fronds printed on them.


▪ MLB All-Star FanFest: At Miami Beach Convention Center, July 7-11; Tickets from $15.

▪ All-Star Sunday: Futures Game, celebrity softball game at Marlins Park, July 9; Tickets from $80.

▪ Home Run Derby: Monday, July 10 at Marlins Park.

▪ 2017 MLB All-Star Game: Tuesday, July 11 at Marlins Park.

For ticket information on Monday and Tuesday, click here