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Chow time! Humbled radio host will eat crow — literally — to make good on baseball boast

Tonight’s main course for a Miami radio host
Tonight’s main course for a Miami radio host Bc999/Wikimedia Commons

This is the day Brendan Tobin has been dreading.

When the talk show host on Miami’s 790-The Ticket sits down for dinner tonight, he’ll be eating crow. Literally.

“There’s nothing that’s going to erase the image in my head of this thing pecking on roadside body parts,” Tobin said.

Back in August, Tobin vowed to eat crow if the Marlins’ Christian Yelich managed to total 20 home runs. It seemed like a reasonable boast. Yelich had belted only 11 homers at the time Tobin spouted off, and only two months remained in the season.

“He came into the season with 20 home runs in his career,” Tobin said.

But then something happened. Yelich, an outstanding hitter but one not known for his pop, went on a power binge.

“Every time I hit a home run, people would tweet me pictures of a crow,” said Yelich, who was oblivious to Tobin’s wager. “I didn’t understand why they were doing it. I didn’t get it.”

Eventually, Yelich found out what it was all about.

“As I got closer, people were actually pulling for me (to hit 20 homers),” Yelich said.

On Sept. 21, with only 10 games left in the season, Yelich hit his 20th. He belted one more for good measure, finishing with 21.

Now, with spring training just around the corner and most Marlins players back in South Florida, it’s time for Tobin to eat his words. He’ll eat crow at 6 p.m. tonight at GameTime, a Miami sports bar. Yelich will be on hand as the guest of honor.

Tobin said he instructed the chef not to fry the bird.

“I thought that was the soft way out,” Tobin said. “Whatever it shows up as is what I’m going to eat.”

Tobin said he intended to fast for the 24 hours leading up to his blackbird platter.

“I figure if I don’t eat anything until the crow, maybe I’ll be so hungry that it’ll be bearable,” Tobin said.

Yelich said he is looking forward to the event.

“I didn’t think he was actually going to eat the crow,” Yelich said. “But I think it’s cool what he did, and now he’s going to live up to it.”

Tobin said he intends to eat every last bite.

“And if there’s talons there, I’ll use them as toothpicks afterward,” he said.