Miami-Dade High Schools

Sunset, Ferguson secured GMAC cross-country team titles

Sunset’s boys and Ferguson’s girls have won most major cross-country meets so far this season.

Each added another Friday afternoon at Larry and Penny Thompson Park, winning the GMAC team titles.

But Jackson’s Daesha Rogers disrupted the status quo a little bit.

Rogers defeated Ferguson star Katrina Santiago winning the girls’ individual title after running a time of 19:03.28. Rogers, who transferred from Plantation American Heritage before the season, has become one of Miami-Dade County’s top runners.

Ferguson still comfortably won the girls’ title with 17 points as Santiago, Emily Hernandez and Aylwyn Hernandez finished second through fourth individually.

On the boys’ side, Sunset’s Nick Diaz led the Knights, again winning the individual crown with a time of 16:31.53. Sunset also had Ronny Greenup finish second and Kenny Castro placed fourth.

Boys’ team scores: Sunset 41; Columbus 50; Ferguson 82; Coral Park 190; Coral Reef 198.

Boys’ individual results: Nick Diaz (SUN) 16:31.53; Ronny Greenup (SUN) 16:45.60; Santiago Saiki (FER) 17:04.07; Kenny Castro (SUN) 17:14.30; Leonel Pozo (CP) 17:18.27; Humberto Freire (COL) 17:34.26; Malik Gunter (SUN) 17:34.55; Christian Marenco (CP) 17:36.13; Connor Gonzalez (COL) 17:41.26; Daniel Areces (COL) 17:47.68; Alvaro Rivadeneira (BR) 17:48.02; Ryan Saverdija (COL) 17:48.28; Jorge Areces (COL) 17:49.05; Damian Jane (BR) 17:49.34; Abiel Payano (FER) 17:49.56.

Girls’ team scores: 1. Ferguson 17; 2. Central 71; 3. Coral Reef 73; 4. South Dade 129; 5. Coral Park 135.

Girls’ individual results: Daesha Rogers (JAC) 19:03.28; Katrina Santiago (FER) 19:12.45; Emily Hernandez (FER) 19:55.62; Aylwyn Hernandez (FER) 19:59.72; Destiny Johnson (HOM) 20:05.20; Lauren Gavulic (FER) 20:18.03; Megan Moussa (TER) 20:35.85; Rachael Osman (CR) 20:40.83; Stephanie de la Guarda (FER) 20:43.68; Veronica Barriero (CR) 21:05.92; Katherine Heldt (PAL) 21:09.62; Ashley Pozo (CP) 21:22.28; Dauthline Diejuste (CEN) 21:22.65; Roselore Desir (CEN) 21:26.94; Asha Alvarez (SD) 21:36.99.