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Coral Reef trounces South Dade in volleyball

The Coral Reef girls’ volleyball team (14-2) continued its winning season as it shut down South Dade on Monday afternoon.

The Barracudas won in three sets 25-9, 25-6, 25-23.

Kristine Rios led the Barracudas with 13 assists, eight kills and an ace. Teammates Amanda Orzechowicz registered 13 assists and four aces, and Janel Kemp added five kills and three blocks.

Coral Reef will next take on Varela at 7:15 pm.

Coral Reef d. South Dade 25-9, 25-6, 25-23: Kristine Rios 13 assists, 8 kills. Amanda Orzechowicz 13 assists, 4 aces. Janel Kemp 5 kills, 3 blocks. CR14-2


TERRA d. Northwestern 25-10, 25-4, 25-8:

Brooke McDermott 7 kills, 14 aces, 1 assist. Gabriella Aquino 6 kills, 3 aces. Mimi Peñas 6 kills. TER16-0.


Palmetto d. Southridge 25-6, 25-4, 25-7:

Emily Sarasa 18 assists, 9 aces. Taylor David 8 kills. Lauren Phillips 9 digs, 5 aces, 4 kills. PAL 9-5.


Sagemont d. Doctors Charter 26-24, 25-23, 17-25, 25-16:

Megan Bodden 25 kills, 10 digs, 8 points. Samantha Quan 16 points, 3 aces, 12 digs. SAG 11-7.


The Miami Christian boys’ bowling team continued its winning season after sweeping Belen.

The Yaniz brothers struck again as they picked up both high games and series for the Victors. Alex Yaniz took home a high game of 257 and a high series of 740. Jeffrey Yaniz scored a high game of 194.

The Victors improved to 5-3.

Ferguson d. Killian 7-0: High Game: Richard Pinero (FER) 206, Charlie Forero (KIL) 228. High Series: Richard Pinero (FER) 557, Charlie Forero (KIL) 614. FER 8-1


Miami Christian d Belen 7-0:

High Games: Alex Yaniz (MC) 257, Jeffrey Yaniz (MC) 194.High Series: Alex Yaniz (MC) 740. MC 5-3.


Braddock d. Reagan 5-2:

High Game: Sadra Targhi (BRA)188. High Series: Andres Garanton (RR) 487.


Coral Reef d. Southwest 4 - 3:

High Game: Zach Swigert (SW) 216, Peter Ross (CR) 214. High Series: Peter Ross (CR) 582. CR 6- 4.


TERRA d. Goleman 3-0:

High Game: Nick Munoz (TER) 228, Jordon Thompson (BG) 133. High Series: Josh Munoz (TER) 589, Kevin Morrissey (TER) 587. TER 6-2.


Columbus d Coral Gables 7-0:

High Game: Chris Manash (CC) 200 .High Series: Matthew Monjarrel 517 (CG). CC 8-2.



TERRA d. Goleman 2-1:

High Game: Tori Burstein (TER) 167, Kristi Perlberg (TER) 160, Melanie Serrano (TER) 140, Catherine Gutierrez (BG) 188. High Series: Catherine Gutierrez (BG) 456, Melanie Serrano (TER) 411. TER 8-0


Braddock d. Reagan 5-2:

High Game: Brianna Colon 184, Chantel Batista (RR) 165. High Series: Brianna Colon (BRA) 509, Chantel Batista (RR) 399. BRA 4-0.


Coral Reef d. Southwest 5-2:

High Game: Amanda Henize (CR)150. High Series: Amanda Penton (SW) 345 Coral Reef record is now 4 - 5


Ferguson d. Killian 7-0:

High Game Angela Chapman (FER) 164. High Series: Angela Chapman (FER) 460. FER 8-1


Miami Country Day (21) defeated Coral Springs Christian (62) Westwood (102), and Archbishop Curley (104).

Isabella Allen took first place for the Spartans in 22:24. Archbishop Curley’s Rhian Romanik was second in 22:44 followed by Miami Country Day’s Mary Elizabeth Allen in 23:24.

The Spartans improved to 10-1 with the victory.


Miami Country Day 21, Coral Springs Christian 62, Westwood 102, Archbishop Curley 104:

Isabella Allen (MCD) 22:24, Rhian Romanik (AC) 22:44, Mary Elizabeth Allen (MCD) 23:24. MCD 10-1.



Miami Country Day 27, Doctors Charter 54, Archbishop Curley 66, Coral Springs Christian 88:

Josiah Mclaughlin (DC)18:09, Alex Cohen (MCD)18:48, Jacob Strouse (MCD)19:06. MCD 12-0.



Palmetto 155, Coral Reef 160, Miami Springs 165 (at Palmetto Golf Course par 36):

Conner Creighton (CR) 35, Matt Martinez (MP) 37, David Castano (MP) 38, Pat Bolton (MS) 38, Michael Carter (MP) 39, Zach Granoff (CR) 39. Kyle Safreed (MS) 40.



Coral Reef vs. South Dade (Bird Bowl), 3:00

Coral Gables vs. Columbus (Bird Bowl), 3:00

Braddock vs. Ferguson (Bird Bowl), 3:00

Southwest vs. South Miami (Bird Bowl), 3:00

TERRA vs. Miami Palmetto (Bird Bowl), 3:00

Killian vs. Sunset (Bird Bowl), 3:00

American vs. Hialeah-Miami Lakes (AMF Pines), 3:00

Hialeah Gardens vs. Krop (AMF Pines), 3:00

Miami High vs. North Miami (AMF Pines), 3:00

Ronald Reagan vs. Northwestern (AMF Pines), 3:00

Miami Beach vs. Mourning (AMF Pines), 3:00


American vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:30

Hialeah Educational Academy vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:30

Hialeah Gardens vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:30

Homestead vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:30

Hillel vs. Sagemont (Markham), 4:00


Coral Park vs. Killian (Killian Greens), 3:00

Krop vs. Killian (Killian Greens), 3:00

Hialeah Gardens vs. Ronald Reagan (Costa De la Sol), 3:00

American vs. Miami High (Melreese), 3:30

Miami Beach vs. Miami High (Melreese), 3:30

Braddock vs. South Dade (Redland), 3:30


Westland Hialeah vs. American (PSN), 3:00

Keys Gate vs. Miami Country Day (Home), 5:30

Southwest vs. South Miami (Tamiami), 3:30

North Miami vs. Goleman (PSN-North), 3:30


Doctors Charter vs. Dade Christian (Dade Christian), 3:30

MAST vs. Edison (Edison), 4:00

Monsignor Pace vs. Booker T. Washington (Booker T. Washington), 4:00

Northwest Christian vs. Edison Private (Edison Private), 4:00

American vs. Hialeah-Miami Lakes (HML), 5:00

Archbishop Curley vs. Miami Country Day (MCD), 5:00

South Miami vs. Coral Gables (CG), 5:00

North Miami Beach vs. Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan), 5:00

Keys Gate vs. Gulliver Prep (Gulliver Prep), 5:00

Island Christian vs. Princeton Christian (PCS), 5:00

Ransom Everglades vs. Florida Christian (FCS), 5:00

LaSalle vs. Mater Lakes (Miami Job Corps), 5:00

North Miami vs. Miami Beach (MB), 5:00

Norland vs. Mourning (Mourning), 5:00

Westland Hialeah vs. Miami Central (Home), 5:00

Homestead vs. Varela (Var), 5:00

Southwest vs. Coral Park (CP), 5:00

Hialeah vs. Miami High (MHS), 5:00

Miami Springs vs. Carol City (CC), 5:00

Greater Miami Academy vs. Westwood Christian (WWC), 5:30

Archemedian vs. Redland Christian (Redland Christian), 6:00

Westminster Christian vs. Palmer Trinity (PT), 6:00

Hebrew Academy vs. Riviera Prep (Riviera Prep), 7:00

Calusa Prep vs. Divine Savior (Divine Savior), 7:00

Lourdes vs. Ferguson (Ferguson), 7:15

Krop vs. Hialeah Gardens (Hialeah Gardens), 7:30


Hialeah Gardens vs. Ronald Reagan (Costa De la Sol), 3:00

American vs. Miami High (Melreese), 3:30

Miami Beach vs. Miami High (Melreese), 3:30

Ransom Everglades vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (St. Thomas Aquinas), 3:00


American vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:00

Hialeah Gardens vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:00

Hialeah Educational Academy vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:00

Homestead vs. Goleman (Earhart), 3:00

Hillel vs. Sagemont (Markham), 4:00


Keys Gate vs. Miami Country Day (Miami Country Day), 5:30

South Miami vs. Southwest (Tamiami), 3:30

North Miami vs. Goleman (PSN), 3:30

Westland Hialeah vs. American (PSN), 3:00



American vs. Jackson (Earhart), 3:00

Booker T. Washington vs. Jackson (Earhart), 3:00

Hialeah-Miami Lakes vs. Jackson (Earhart), 3:00

Homestead vs. Jackson (Earhart), 3:00

Carol City vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:30

Hialeah Gardens vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:00

Hialeah-Miami Lakes vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:00

Miami High vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:00

Mourning vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:00

Norland vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:00

Ronald Reagan vs. Krop (Ives Estates), 3:00


Southwest vs. South Miami (Tropical), 7:00


Coral Gables vs. South Miami (Granada), 2:30

Killian vs. Miami Springs (Miami Springs CC), 3:30

Mourning vs. Miami Springs (Miami Springs CC), 3:30


Chaminade-Madonna vs. Doral Academy (Tamiami), 4:00

Ronald Reagan vs. Mourning (FIU North), 3:15

Hialeah vs. MAST (MAST), 3:30

Braddock vs. Coral Reef (MDCC-South), 3:30

Killian vs. Varela (MDCC-South), 8:00


Sagemont vs. Hialeah Educational Academy (Bucky Dent), 3:30

Norland vs. Krop (Home), 3:30

Doral Academy vs. Northwestern (NW), 5:00

Coral Shores vs. Keys Gate (Keys Gate), 5:00

Goleman vs. Westland Hialeah (Westland Hialeah), 5:00

Jackson vs. TERRA (TERRA), 5:00

Mater Academy Charter vs. Homestead (Homestead), 5:00

Hialeah vs. Mourning (Mourning), 5:30

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