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Pines Charter star guard becomes a triple threat

Content to ride shotgun last season, Pines Charter 6-5 star swingman Haanif Cheatham has put up triple-double box scores worthy of Aloe Blacc’s hit “The Man” being played as his pregame introduction.

Much like “The Man”, Cheatham, a ESPN four-star prospect, has been trending upward and will bring a stat line of 26.2 points, 7.5 rebounds and 4.5 assists — highlighted by four triple doubles — when he leads the Class 6A No. 5 Jaguars (16-5) into the District 14-6A championship game on Friday .

“Last year I played a team role with a lot of passing,” Cheatham said. “This year I’ve stepped up more as a leader. I love when the game is on the line. Whenever my team needs me they look at me and say ‘take over.’ It’s a different Haanif this year.”

This Cheatham playing with a chip on his shoulder and closing out games with a wide offensive arsenal, is a stark contrast to the pass-first version whose primary role last season was to set the table for Pines’ talented wing duo of Connecticut 6-4 commit Prince Ali and 6-5 Justin Satchell.

With Satchell. graduating and Ali transferring to Sagemont, Cheatham has emerged as a triple-double threat, making life easier for teammates Peter Buckley, Marcel Denbow and Matthew Johnson.

Cheatham has put up some his best numbers against the top teams in the state, including two-time defending Class 7A state champion Blanche Ely (30 points, 11 rebounds and five assists), Class 7A No. 2 Boyd Anderson (24, 11 and 10) and Class 8A No. 8 McArthur (28, seven and five).

One particular verse in Blacc’s hit —“God made my mold different from the rest. Then he broke that mold so I know I’m blessed” could very well be describing the gifts Cheatham is working with.

Noted ESPN basketball recruiting coordinator Reggie Rankin, who has scouted Cheatham in person, said Cheatham being a lefty adds even more appeal to the ideal length, size, ball-handling ability and court vision of a prototype wing player.

“Haanif’s game warrants being able to put up triple doubles,’’ Rankin said. “When you can play multiple positions and be a jack of all trades, you can get double figure points, rebounds and assists. A guy with that versatility can help a lot of different programs. His game is like choosing from a buffet. You can get a lot of good stuff there.”

The hope around coach Dave Roca’s program is the new and improved Cheatham will help leave a better taste in the Jaguars’ mouth than its Region 4-6A semifinals matchup against Miami Norland last season.

Should the Jaguars advance to face the two-time defending state champion Vikings in the regional round again as projected, Cheatham will be looking to redeem himself after being held to 11 points in last season's 80-59 loss.

“Coming off a tough loss, it’s motivation every time we lose,’’ Cheatham said. “Hopefully we will get to that bump in the road again, get over it and head to Lakeland.”

West Broward High School lacrosse player Kristi Ten officially committed to Asbury University on Wednesday afternoon. Ten is the first girls’ lacrosse player to sign a college scholarship in school history.

District 15-7A: Nova 41, Plantation 33 : NOVA (15-5): Walker 16, Lawrence 10, Thomas 7, Walton 4, Similien 2, Cleary 2. PLAN (9-12): Caldwell 3, Jean-Charles 4, Cole 3, Stephens 7, Espinal 7, James 5, Pierce 4. Three-pointers: Walker, Lawrence 2, Epinal. Rebounds:N: Thomas 8. Halftime NOVA 25-10.

District 12-8A: Western 54, Cypress Bay 48: WEST (13-9): Radler 17, Lamour 4, Artaza 13, Lopes 3, Nunez 9, Royes 8. CB: Levine 4, Edine 3, Michel 9, Barnes 6, Gason 7. Three-pointers: Radler, Artaza 3, Nunez, Udine, Michel. Rebounds: Royes 11 Halftime WEST 34-31.

Sagemont 72, Dade Christian 38 : SAG (27-0): Crawford 6, Jurko 13, Cooper 10, Kirby 5, Polley 8, Goloman 14, Scrpa 2, Penny 14. DC: Ferguson 3, Morrow 13, Snow 11, Williams 2, White 5, Johnson 2, Roach 3.Three-pointers: Jurko 3, Kirby, Polley, Penny, Cooper, Crawford, Morrow 2, Snow, White, Roach, Ferguson. Rebounds: Goloman 10, Penny 9. Halftime SAG 34-16.

McArthur 67, Miramar 56 : MCA (16-5): Tejada 7, Brown 6, Fredrick 3, Turner 9, Jean 16, Rivera-Vega 14, Boles 5, Noel 8. MIR (7-14): Persaud 10, Levell 13, Bouey 4, Smith 3, Lamb 9, Wilkerson 7, Valentin 10. Three-pointers: Persaud 2, Levell, Tejada, Fredrick, Rivera-Vega 3. Rebounds: Valentin 12.Halftime MIR 28-27.

Flanagan 49, Eeverglades 42 : FLAN (16-7): Norton 8, Mitchell 12, Ferdinand 10, Blyden 10, Watson 5, Schavvez 4. EVER (7-10): Sterling 3, Theoc 16, Frazier 7, Blue 2, Bonhomne 11, Roch 2. Three-pointers: Norton, Blyden, Sterling, Bonhmne. Halftime FLAN 20-17.

Boyton Beach 66, Stranahan 50 .

District 15 7A: St. Thomas 46, South Broward 52

Sagemont d. University School 5-2: 1: Escobar (S) d. Omsky (US) 8-2. Dyburyre (S) d. Fedotovskiy (US) 8-4. Quiros (S) d. Heller (US) 9-8. Marland (S) d. Zager (US) 8-1. Marcano (S) d. Landman (US) 8-0. 2: Omsky/Fedotovskiy (US) d. Quiros/Dyburyre (S) 8-4. Landman/Zager (US) d. Bari/Kirt (S) 8-2.

Cardinal Gibbons d. Deerfield Beach 3-0: Ernewein (CG) d. Schoerheit 8-2. Northecide (CG) d. Soni 8-0. Soong (CG) d. Cappello 8-1.

University School d. Sagemont 5-2: 1: Obolevitch (US) d. Palmero (S) 8-3. Bush (US) beat Lowrey (S) 8-0. Saeils (S) d. Benayoun (US) 8-5. Hevirr (S) d. Guttman (US) 8-1. Witschen (US) d. Ledutakis (S) 8-6. 2: Bush/Obolevitch (US) d. Palmero/Saeils (S) 8-4. Benayoun/Witschen (US) d. Lowrey/Hevirr (S) 5-1.

C. Gibbons d. Deerfield Beach 2-0: Landi (CG) d. Ta 8-1. Norton (CG) d. Martin 8-2.

Class 3A state semifinal at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne:American Heritage vs. Lynn Haven Mosley-Ponte Vedra winner, 10 a.m.

Region 3-8A quarterfinal: Deerfield Beach at Cypress Bay, 7

Region 3-8A quarterfinal: Piper at Douglas, 7

Region 4-8A quarterfinal: West Broward at Miami High, 7

Region 4-8A quarterfinal: Dr. Krop at Flanagan, 7

Region 4-7A quarterfinal: St. Thomas Aquinas at American, 7

Region 4-7A quarterfinal: Central at Nova, 7

Region 4-7A quarterfinal: Fort Lauderdale at Palm Beach Lakes, 7

Region 4-7A quarterfinal: Lake Worth at Northeast, 7

Region 4-5A quarterfinal: Palm Bay Bayside at Coconut Creek, 7

Region 4-5A quarterfinal: Dillard at Riviera Beach Suncoast, 7

Region 4-4A quarterfinal: WPB Kings Academy at Coral Springs Charter, 7

Region 4-4A quarterfinal: Calvary Christian at WPB Cardinal Newman, 7

Region 4-3A quarterfinal: Sagemont at Palmer Trinity, 7

Region 4-2A quarterfinal: Zion Lutheran at Sheridan Hills Christian, 7

Region 4-2A quarterfinal: Posnack at Boca Grandview Prep, 7

Miramar vs. Cooper City (Home), 3:00

Deerfield Beach vs. Coral Glades, 4:00

Coral Springs vs. Flanagan (Home), 4:00

Deerfield Beach vs. Coral Glades, 3:00

Taravella vs. Fort Lauderdale (Home), 3:00

Monarch vs. Nova (Home), 3:00

Blanche Ely vs. Piper, 6:30

Cardinal Gibbons vs. Dillard (Dillard), 4:00

American Heritage at Coconut Creek, 4:00

Flanagan vs. Coral Glades, 4:00

Cypress Bay at Goleman, 6:30

McArthur vs. Fort Lauderdale, 6:30

Miramar vs. Hollywood Hills, 4:00

Taravella vs. Monarch, 6:30

South Broward vs. Northeast, 6:30

Stranahan vs. Plantation, 6:30

Class 4A state semifinal at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne:Pines Charter vs. Fleming Island, 10 a.m.

Class 5A state semifinal at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne:St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Flagler Palm Coast, 3

Class 3A state final at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne: 8

District 13-8A final at Miramar: 6:30

District 14-7A semifinals at Fort Lauderdale: Northeast vs. Boyd Anderson, 6; Blanche Ely vs. Fort Lauderdale, 7:30

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