High School Sports

How to report a high school sports score

ATTENTION COACHES: We want take the opportunity to let you all know that we're changing the way in which we ask you to report your results for the new school year. We are implementing a plan to take high school sporting results exclusively online.

For years we have had you call in your statistics and scores. We realize that wait times for calls sometimes resulted in our missing out your reports. By entering in your own statistics directly on our website, there will be no need to wait on the phone or call back for corrections since all changes are reflected online in real time, and you can make any corrections yourselves.

We are expanding our database beyond football to include all sports. You will all be provided a specific login and password by your athletic director that will provide you access to our online database. Before your season begins, we will need for you to input your complete roster so that once the games begin, you will be able to update your results and scoring in a matter of minutes.

While sports in general are competitive in nature, we ask that you help preserve the integrity of the system by accurately entering in statistics for each player. The system will be able to calculate all data to make sure everything adds up correctly.

It is very important to us that you enter your scores and stats online - a failure to do so will keep your results out of the next day's newspaper. We will be setting up some detailed instructions for each sport on how use our database in the coming months which will be found right here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems concerning this new tool - we'll be glad to walk you through it.

Andre C. Fernandez, High School Sports Editor