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PRO WRESTLING: WWE superstar Christian to team again with WWE Hall of Famer Edge on ‘Haven’ on Syfy

WWE superstar Christian (Jay Reso) reunites with his lifelong friend and former tag team partner Edge (Adam Copeland) for a recurring guest arc on Syfy’s fan-favorite series, “Haven,” beginning Friday, Nov. 28.
WWE superstar Christian (Jay Reso) reunites with his lifelong friend and former tag team partner Edge (Adam Copeland) for a recurring guest arc on Syfy’s fan-favorite series, “Haven,” beginning Friday, Nov. 28. Photo By Mike Tompkins/Syfy

Growing up together near Toronto, Adam Copeland and Jay Reso dreamed of WWE superstardom. The dream became reality with the birth of Edge & Christian.

After Edge retired from the ring on April 15, 2011, the ultra-talented WWE standouts have not spent much time together -- until recently. From sports entertainment success to another discipline of entertainment, Christian reunited with his lifelong friend for a recurring guest arc on Syfy’s fan-favorite series, “Haven,” which airs 7 p.m. EST Fridays.

Edge, 41, who debuted on “Haven” in 2011, is an integral part of the Season 5 cast for this American/Canadian supernatural drama series, based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid (2005).

“Everybody knows I’ve been best friends with Edge, Adam Copeland, who’s been on ‘Haven’ the past four seasons,” Christian said. “His character has become more of a focal point on [Haven], especially this season, and I think the producers just saw the dynamic that Edge and I had. They knew the back story of us growing up together and obviously coming to WWE together. The chemistry that we had in the ring and the dynamic that we had there they thought could carry over and be kind of a cool thing to see in the ‘Haven’ series as well.

“They approached him [Edge] and asked his thoughts on it. Of course, he loved the idea; so they get in contact with me, and I thought it was a great opportunity, something fun to do and a new challenge. I jumped all over it.”

Christian, 40, will appear in an all-new episode of ‘Haven’ airing Friday, Nov. 28. He will reprise his role for two additional episodes in 2015.

“It was fun [working together again],” Christian said. “We hadn’t seen each other for a while with him being up in Nova Scotia for the better part of four years filming there and me working for WWE. He just had a daughter. I just had a daughter. Between children and both of us having different schedules, I think we had probably seen each other once in about a year. We just happened to be in the same city at the same time and had dinner for two or three hours, and that was all we had seen each other in about a year.

“So it was cool to get to go up to [Nova Scotia to film ‘Haven’] and spend some time with him and hang out and catch up and also act with him. It was a great experience.”  

On ‘Haven,’ life imitates art with Reso portraying McHugh, one of Dwight’s (Edge) oldest and closest friends. McHugh is smart, with ice water for blood, hammers for fists and a dogged sense of loyalty.

McHugh and Dwight served as Army Rangers together, as well as members of The Guard. But McHugh left this life for a simpler one, determined to remain out of the line of fire. Dwight knows he could use the help of his fierce friend but respects McHugh’s desire to live under the radar.

When Dwight finds himself in a romantic conundrum in the episode “Chemistry,” McHugh is the first one Dwight turns to. McHugh counsels Dwight through the challenge, while also considering joining forces with his old friend to once again defend the town of Haven, Maine.

“With Edge and Christian, we were like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the Bill & Ted of WWE,” Christian said. “We were kind of goofy, kind of funny, humorous, but then when we had to be serious in the ring, we would get serious.

“With his character, Dwight, on ‘Haven,’ and my character, McHugh, it’s more of a serious tone, serious guys, trained professionals at what they do. So that dynamic was a little bit different, but we still have that chemistry like what we had in WWE. Knowing where each other was in the ring kind of carries over onto the ‘Haven’ screen as well.”

Bill & Ted

Edge & Christian

Like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Jesse the Body Ventura, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Batista, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, George the Animal Steele, John Cena, The Miz, The Big Show, and Bret the Hitman Hart, the success of Edge and Christian in pro wrestling opened other entertainment doors (television and movies).

“Growing up, we were pretty much focused on becoming WWE superstars,” Christian said. “The cool thing about WWE is it’s like entertainment boot camp. You’re performing in front of a live audience, a different audience every night. You’re doing promos in the ring. You’re doing talking segments in the back. You’re wrestling. You’re performing. It’s everything all rolled into one. It gives you a different outlet for performing, a creative outlet, so to speak.”

Edge and Christian took advantage.

“WWE definitely gives you the forum, the stage to do different things and see what works,” Christian said. “That’s the cool thing about being in front of a live audience every single week in WWE. You get instant feedback. Whether the crowd likes something or doesn’t like something, you know right away, and then when you start hearing those reactions and figuring out how to get them, now you can start playing with the character and doing different things -- try things -- and see what sticks and what doesn’t.”

Their experience working for WWE not only harvested one of the greatest tag teams of all-time but also two top notch singles wrestlers, comedians, stuntmen and ‘Haven’ actors.

“With WWE, you’re live every single week,” Christian said. “You’re in an arena, and there can be anywhere from 12,000 to 20,000 people watching you perform. The performances might have to be a little bigger, when you portray your character may have to be a little bigger, because not only are you performing for the person in the front row, but you’re also performing for the person in the very back row. They have to kind of see everything, too. So it’s more like stage acting, like theater.

“When you’re on the ‘Haven’ set, you’re kind of bringing it down, making it a little bit smaller, not having to project as much, and figuring out that happy medium.”

“WWE is live. There is no second take. Me, personally, I thrive under pressure. I feel like that I do better when the stakes are bigger like that; so I always put a lot of pressure on myself when I go out there to perform. Within three hours [of Raw] there are a lot of moving parts. There are times where things change because of the reaction of the live audience, and sometimes you have to ad-lib a little bit and do different things. It doesn’t leave any room for error.

“With ‘Haven,’ it’s a smaller set, and you’re kind of bringing everything down a little bit and you’re trying to tap a little more into your emotions, where you’re just kind of talking and trying to convey your character a little bit more using a little smaller scale -- not as over the top like in WWE.”

“Haven,” a one-hour supernatural drama series, is in Season 5, a solid accomplishment for any weekly television show. Season 5 includes 13 episodes.

“WWE Raw,” a three-hour action series, is in Season 24, a record accomplishment. And like other seasons for Raw, Season 24 includes more than 50 episodes.

“Unlike other sports [and television shows], there is no off-season in WWE. [Raw] is live every single week without a hiatus or a break,” Christian said. “Trying to have original programming [Raw and SmackDown] five, six hours a week, it can be a challenge.”

Is creative something Christian thought trying?

“No,” he answered. “I’ve always liked being on the performance end of it. I’ve come up with different ideas, but as far as being a creative writer, I’m not sure about that. I’ve always liked the performance end of it and wrestling, getting in the ring in front of a live crowd.”

Haven airs 7 p.m. EST Fridays on Syfy.

About Haven

“Haven,” based on the novella “The Colorado Kid” from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets, which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past. 

From leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne), “Haven” is co-commissioned by Shaw Media in Canada and globally via Universal Networks International (UNI).

The creative team behind “Haven” includes executive producers John Morayniss (“Klondike,” “Rogue”) from eOne Television and David MacLeod (“Legends of the Fall,” “The Ray Bradbury Theater”) of Big Motion Pictures, who are joined by Lloyd Segan, Shawn Piller, Scott Shepherd (“Stephen King’s The Dead Zone,” “Greek”) of Piller/Segan/Shepherd and Matt McGuinness (“Journeyman,” “Franklin and Bash”) and Gabrielle Stanton (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Grey’s Anatomy”). The series was developed by Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn (“Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.”

“Haven” is produced by Entertainment One and Big Motion Pictures in association with Piller/Segan/Shepherd and airs on Syfy in the United States, Showcase in Canada and internationally on UNI’s multiple Syfy channels. Entertainment One controls the worldwide distribution rights to the one-hour series.

About Christian

Christian’s been proving his worth in WWE from day one. In his first official bout in 1998 as a member of The Brood, the Toronto native set the bar rather high for himself by winning the Light Heavyweight Championship from Taka Michinoku. And he’s raised it every year since.

Christian’s knack for wowing the WWE Universe, by executing innovative and high-impact maneuvers, has cemented his rep as a top-tier Superstar and led to some pretty epic victories alongside lifelong friend Edge during the TLC mayhem of the Attitude Era. Together, the duo laid claim to seven stunning World Tag Team Championships and engineered some of WWE's most memorably absurd moments, including their famous five-second poses. They also pioneered the dreaded Con-Chair-To, a sadistic double-team strike in which both Canucks simultaneously whacked an adversary with a folding chair. This obsession with steel objects reached frenzied heights at WrestleMania 2000, where Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and the Dudleys introduced the world to the epic Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.

Captain Charisma eventually broke out on his own, birthing a pack of followers known as ‘Peeps’ and winning numerous titles such as the prestigious Intercontinental Championship. He left WWE in 2005, signing with TNA Wrestling. He became a two-time TNA NWA world champion. In 2009, he returned to WWE and won WWE’s ECW Championship—twice in one year.

Perhaps none of his achievements, though, are as extraordinary as his victory in a brutal Ladder Match against Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules 2011, where Christian captured his first World Heavyweight Championship. He held the illustrious title for five days before seeing his reign ended prematurely by Randy Orton.

The loss narrowed Christian’s focus on regaining the World Heavyweight Title by any means necessary, even if it meant constant pleas for ‘one more match’ to prove his mettle. He kicked off his second reign with a victory over The Viper at Money in the Bank 2011, only to have Orton reclaim the title one month later at SummerSlam 2011.

Upon realizing the honor of inducting his longtime friend and former partner, Edge, into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012, Christian confessed to experiencing a "moment of clarity" that reset his own career goals. He returned from injury at WWE Over the Limit 2012 and won a Battle Royal and a match with Cody Rhodes to claim the Intercontinental Championship for the fourth time.

Between TNA and WWE, Christian has amassed 22 titles. He has also entertained by hosting his own WWE television segment for his ‘Peeps,’ aptly titled “The Peep Show.”

About Syfy

Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com), and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 96-million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. NBCUniversal is owned by Comcast Corporation.

Syfy also houses WWE SmackDown at 8 p.m. EST Fridays.





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