Special event with Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Stephanie McMahon, Damien Sandow for ‘WWE 2K15’ during SummerSlam Weekend

2K hosted a special event for media to get its first taste of the new “WWE 2K15” video game in Los Angeles during SummerSlam Weekend.

Stephanie McMahon, WWE chief brand officer, took the stage and welcomed everyone. WWE superstar Damien Sandow, known for imitating celebrities, public figures and fellow WWE superstars, accepted the role of “hardcore gamer” for the evening. The “Intellectual Savior” wore sunglasses and a NASA T-shirt while holding an energy drink.

2K executive producer Mark Little explained the improvements and developments for this year’s edition of the popular WWE franchise. Developers used the same technology as their popular NBA game series, taking it a step further by capturing a superstar’s emotions and expressions. Full body scans were done with talent. There are five times more lines from announcers Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole.

Little mentioned WWE sent a ring to the motion capture (mo-cap) facilities. He revealed the stamina system is in the game, as well as a focus on chain wrestling. The MYCAREER mode takes a superstar from the developmental system of NXT to the main roster all the way to headlining WrestleMania, winning the WWE World championship and getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. Attendees were also given a look at the 2K Showcase mode, chronicling the John Cena/CM Punk and Shawn Michaels/Triple H rivalries. Little hinted more will be unveiled in the coming weeks, leading to the game’s release.

Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett joined Little, McMahon and Sandow for the interview session following the presentation.

Members of the media were invited to play “WWE 2K15” (work-in-progress) as CM Punk and John Cena in the 2K Showcase mode, as well as Randy Orton, Goldust and Cesaro in exhibition. The controls were similar to last year, but the chain wrestling system took some getting used to from my perspective.

It’s the first WWE game released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If from what I saw is any indication, “WWE 2K15” will be the most realistic sports entertainment video game to come down the pipe. The future is now.

• “WWE 2K15” arrives on Oct. 28 in the United States and internationally on Oct. 31.

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