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2K’s new mobile device card game ‘WWE SuperCard’

Those clamoring for “WWE 2K15” can pass the time now with 2K’s new card game on mobile devices featuring the legends, superstars and divas of the WWE Universe.

With ‘WWE SuperCard’ fans have the opportunity to build strong decks or teams out of more than 400 cards as they go up against other users in the King of the Ring or exhibition modes.

Along with a complete roster to choose from, there are other elements including a steel chair and ladder to give you an adage advantage. Just like in WWE it’s the power, speed, charisma levels that play into increasing your chances for victory and success.

The cool thing about the game is 2K plans to continually expand the roster with updates and new cards. Gamers can also purchase individual packs if they are looking for more cards. ‘WWE SuperCard’ definitely has the feel of Pokémon” and “Magic: the Gathering.”

From the arenas to the entrances to the overall animation and action, developers have done a tremendous job staying true to the product. It’s up to the high standard you would expect from 2K, especially after seeing what’s to come when it comes to graphics in “WWE 2K15.”

It’s also nice to see the inclusion of legends such as Big John Studd and Yokozuna, as they are being exposed to a whole new generation in a unique way. There are many emerging performers who haven’t been in a WWE game before, like Rusev and Bo Dallas, which is fun.

The accessibility is another draw; to the point I found myself playing it in a long line at the grocery store. An activity that can be done during those commercial breaks of Raw and SmackDown. The best part is it’s free to download on iOS and Android devices if you’re using your $9.99 for other WWE related expenses.

• Developed by Cat Daddy Games, a 2K studio, ‘WWE SuperCard’ is available for download from the

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