Former WWE superstar Brodus Clay on The Roman Show

A week after his WWE release, Brodus Clay says he is thankful for the opportunity WWE offered him, but he is also grateful from what he learned from those around him.

In exclusive interview with The Roman Show, Brodus Clay described how John Cena helped him and others with their training regimen.

“[John Cena] is a pro. He comes to work everyday,” Clay said. He is straight forward and tells you exactly what it is. One of my things was I didn’t get to work a match with him..He is a great leader in terms of he talks it; he walks it. He is the face of WWE and rightfully so.”

Clay later added: “He gave us all an opportunity to train and have the same training regimen. The training of the NBA and NFL with Olympic lifts for maintenance, for power, better cardiovascular. He was on the forefront. He gave guys an opportunity.”

Clay also discussed his favorite opponent, which is Heath Slater.

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• Rodolfo Roman, based in Miami, is a freelance writer/ TV producer-reporter.